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  1. Nzoric


    Any players here? Lately I'm spending way too much time on that game :D
  2. Nzoric

    Ray Hudson

    This legend deserves his own thread - I'll kick it off :lol2: - - - Updated - - -
  3. Nzoric

    Classical Music

    I wouldn't say that I'm well versed in classical music, at all. Though it seems to be the recurring choice of music whenever I have to study hard or write a paper. Do we have any aficionados here? I'll kick it off with this: Over the top drama but it really sounds immense.
  4. Nzoric

    The 'Fuck Giovinco' thread

    in the butthurt thread we established that expressing our sentiments in multiple threads is not allowed, but at the same time it was agreed that the Sheik Yeirbouti branch of Amnesty International will not be handing out infractions for mere insulting. Yes, its a very 'meta' line of reasoning...
  5. Nzoric

    The Political Compass

    i stumbled over this website a few years ago. the methodology isn't adequately explained, but some of their theories and ways of placing your answers on the bars make decent sense. for the purpose of some slightly intellectual debate it's a good place to start...
  6. Nzoric

    Gaming on Mac OSX

    Any guru's in the house? I recently got an iMac as a present, and am really fucking tired of the Mac OS X. I do not own a physical copy of windows, but I've heard it's possible to install a hacked version of it which will run just fine. A move like this is a bit beyond my level of skill when...
  7. Nzoric

    Metal, in all shapes and sizes

    So do we have any metalheads here on this forum?
  8. Nzoric

    Hey Everyone

    My name is Nikola. Im originally born in Serbia but live in Denmark at the moment. My dad is a hardcore Juventus fan, and that had it's effect on my football upbringing. Ive been following the team closely since 03 (I was 12 years old at the time) and that scandalous final vs. Milan. Im...