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  1. Trequartista

    Felipe Anderson

    Full name : Felipe Anderson Date of birth : 15 April 1993 (age 21) Place of birth : Santa Maria, DF, Brazil Playing position : Attacking midfielder Height : 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Weight : 69 kg Number : 7 Felipe Anderson Pereira Gomes (born 15 April 1993), commonly known as Felipe...
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    Mattia Vitale

    Date of birth: Oct 1, 1997 (age 16) Place of birth: Bologna, Italy Playing position: Midfielder
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    Gomorra - La Serie

    Roberto Saviano, the guy who wrote the book and the script for the movie Gomorra is now making a television series on the same theme (Neapolitan mafia). I've watched the first few episodes, it's pretty good, although I don't think there is a version with English subtitles yet. @Martin...
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    The History Thread

    Here's a thread to discuss any historical topic. @Nzoric @CrimsonianKing @Vinny del Pirlo
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    Nani or Alessio Cerci

    or These are in my opinion our two most realistic targets for the RW spot. After hearing Marrota's words, I think we'll let Berardi stay another season at Sassuolo if they manage to stay up, so let this contest begin. This shall be fun. So, who would you rather have between Nani and Cerci?
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    Daniele Rugani

    Date of birth 29 July 1994 (age 19) Place of birth Sesto di Moriano, Italy Height 1.88 m Weight 77 kg Playing position Centre Back Daniele Rugani (born 29 July 1994) is an Italian professional footballer who plays for Empoli on loan from Juventus, as a centre back.
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    Biggest waste of a talent in football

    Hey guys, I was thinking about this today after I watched this video on Adriano. Which player wasted his career/talent the most in recent memories? For me it definitely has to be Adriano. That man had everything you want in a striker and that left foot of his was absolute dynamite. He had one...
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    Nicola Murru

    Full name: Nicola Murru Date of birth: 16 December 1994 (age 18) Place of birth: Cagliari, Italy Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Playing position: Left Back Career Born in Cagliari, Murru started his career at hometown's Cagliari. In July 2011 he was promoted to first team squad. However, only...
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    Cronios vs Trequartista

    So, Cronios and I both have proposed a deal that would get one of us banned permanently, I like the one I proposed more, he prefers his. So, which deal do you people want to take place. I proposed that if Cavani is sold for more than 35 million euros, Cronios gets banned permanently...
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    ¾ista SS poll

    Now that Llorente has been secured for the summer, the main position we need to address is the Second Striker, as we need someone better than Vucinic and Giovinco. Assuming our budget is about 40-50 million euros + sales and that we buy the second halves of Isla and Asamoah while signing...
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    Óscar Cardozo - ST - Benfica

    Date of birth 20 May 1983 (age 29) Place of birth Juan Eulogio Estigarribia, Paraguay Height 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in) Weight 87 kg Playing position Striker Óscar René Cardozo Marín (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈo̞skaɾ re̞ˈne̞ karˈð̞o̞so&#798...
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    US Presidential Elections 2012

    As a Canadian, I follow American politics with interest and I find American politics always entertaining. Now, Romney has nominated Paul Ryan as his VP pick. Any thoughts on that?
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    Lorenzo Insigne

    My favorite young talent, I wish we could sign him. I believe's he's the most promising player in Italy, even more so than Marco Verratti Full name: Lorenzo Insigne Date of birth: 4 June 1991 (age 20) Place of birth: Frattamaggiore, Italy Height: 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in) Playing position: Second...
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    South American Football

    Here's the thread for any South American league. Forza Boca :weee:
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    France to outlaw denial of Armenian Genocide France is continuing its fight against free speech. Denying the Armenian Genocide is quite irrational and is the denial of a historical fact but no one should be fined/jailed for maintaining this position. I don't like were this is going. What...
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    Giovinco or Jovetic

    For next season, would you go for the cheaper option of bringing Giovinco back or break the bank to get Jovetic? Assuming that we'll stick with the 4-3-3 with Vucinic on the right, Giovinco or Jovetic would play on the left. So, which one would you want here? Could a mod put a poll please?
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    Marotta or Secco

    Marotta's job is not done as the mercato is not even started officially but he seems to be very incompetent and received such adjectives(deservedly though) as football terrorist, football Hitler(by Andy) or Fagotta(by Bianconero81). However, is he worse than his predecessor, the infamous "I...
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    Albinoleffe vs Siena

    The final round of the Serie B season is tomorrow and it will be Conte's last game in charge of Siena. This thread is like the one I made on Monday, I will provide streams for the game. For those who want to see Conte's tactical approach, this is a good opportunity. The game is at 9 AM...
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    I was looking on some Juve forums for some news or comments on our signings while juventuz was down and on that forum, I found that Alvin had migrated there since his banishment from Juventuz.
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    Aguero or Sanchez?

    Who would you like here between Aguero and Sanchez? People here prefer Aguero to Pastore, so how about this one? (Can a mod please insert a poll, please). I would prefer Sanchez. Would cost about 5 millions less and would have much lower wages, while not being really inferior.