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  1. Tobias

    ShowOff Your PC(baby)...

    Please post pics of your PC i want to use them for something...
  2. Tobias


    :faq1: zlatan knew he had to produce something special to make the first team. the talent at inter goes so deep that he knew it wasn’t his football alone that held the answer and the secret to success here. he knew as much as he hated to admit it that he had to do what he did with fabio capello...
  3. Tobias


    Juve chase for E'to'o
  4. Tobias

    Club's and countries all time XI!

    Since we are killing time! This is channel 4's juve's all time XI ZOFF (gk) cucuireddu(lb) gentile(cb) scirea(cb) cabrini(rb) tardelli(lm) zidane(cm) platini(cm) boniperti(rm) baggio(s) sivori(s) trapottoni(coach) i've never seen most of these guys play(highlights dont count) so...
  5. Tobias


    Hi ragazzi, i desperately need your help i need 'QOUTES' 2000 atleast but 5000 wins the price. I already used some of your signatures if yall dont mind. Please guys/gals it would be gratefully appreciated. Thanx!