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  1. Espectro

    Adrien Rabiot

    Close the deal mom!!!
  2. Espectro

    Adrien Rabiot

    This numbers have to be wrong right? I mean... theres noooooooooooooo we will get 27M for Rabiot... o_O
  3. Espectro

    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    Just saying.. we migth was well try :p
  4. Espectro

    Adrien Rabiot

    Watching tik toks of Man U fans bitching about they buying Rabiot is my new hobby... P.S I would be bitching too if I was a Man U fan 1660058134 You mean that in Man U we will see... "The Real Rabiot" o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O this are what legends and dreams are made of
  5. Espectro

    Nicolò Rovella

    this is just plan stupid… makes no sense at all!
  6. Espectro

    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    So we have Gatti (domestic/nationally trained player) Pinsoglio (Home ground player) Miretti (Home ground player) Fagioli (Home ground player) Bonucci (domestic/nationally trained player) Rugani (domestic/nationally trained player) Pellegrini (domestic/nationally trained player) Kean (Home...
  7. Espectro

    Domenico Berardi - AM R - Sassuolo

    As long as he doesn't come to Juve, you can have him
  8. Espectro

    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    If we manage to sell Kean (if we buy him first), whats our situation for the "Home ground" players for the CL list?
  9. Espectro

    Adrien Rabiot

    We are waiting to see if Mr Rabiot and his dearest Mom come to an agreement with Man U...
  10. Espectro

    Memphis Depay - SS/ST - Barcelona

    Because he doesnt get injured often? :p
  11. Espectro

    Adrien Rabiot

    I cant believe that people are actually complaining that we are selling Rabiot to cheap :lol:
  12. Espectro

    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    :lol2::lol: OMG... Poeple still believing we will get SMS this year :rofl::rofl:
  13. Espectro

    Injury Updates

    Tek injured (again), out for 20 days... Good for Juve! I say this because at this point I believe we actually like to have players injured... so... good job!
  14. Espectro

    Leandro Paredes - CM/DM - PSG

    Im sadly getting to that same conclusion
  15. Espectro

    Ángel Di María

    Maybe he was hangover from his "parridada" cause he was invisible against Atletico :p
  16. Espectro

    Alex Sandro

    He is infecting the team with his uselessness o_O
  17. Espectro

    Matías Soulé

    Im against loaning talented youngsters but... in his case, I can agree to a couple of years of loan... he is just not ready and has ALOT to work
  18. Espectro

    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    If Juventus did that this place would go full purge mode...
  19. Espectro

    Filip Kostic - LWB/LM/LW - Eintracht Frankfurt

    That wil change when he comes here... we cant have players like that in the team, its not Juventus material