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  1. Christina

    Soccer Aid 2010

    Anyone have the full match?
  2. Christina

    Christina loves everyone except Dusan

    I finally got to 10k! I remember when I first started posting here everyone criticized my sig and told me it looked like the rainbow and it was too long. Bitches! :D Anyway, I swear this is the gayest forum ever. The only football discussion that goes on here is actual feet playing with...
  3. Christina

    Lil Wayne Dead?

    'Lil Wayne' Slain In Notorious Gang Shootout Dwayne Carter Aka 'Lil Wayne' Gunned Down After Show In Hometown Of New Orleans Dwayne Carter known by his rap alias of 'Lil Wayne' is the latest victim of the notorious feud between the 'Bloods' And 'Crips'. Shortly after performing at...
  4. Christina

    Beijing 2008 Olympic Games [SEE THREAD RULES ON PAGE 1]

    ------------------------------ Here we can talk about all the games that go on, players, etc. Group A: Cote D'Ivoire (A1), Argentina (A2), Australia (A3), Serbia (A4) Group B: Netherlands (B1), Nigeria (B2), Japan (B3), USA (B4) Group C: China (C1), New Zealand (C2), Brazil (C3), Belgium...
  5. Christina

    Juve's Player of the Season [2007-2008]

    Who do you think it is? Buffon Camoranesi Chiellini Del Piero Trezeguet Zanetti Mods, make this a poll please? -If I forgot anyone, post their name. Anyway, my vote is going to Del Piero. He's saved our asses far too many times this season, and his 18 goals speak for themselves...
  6. Christina

    Ronaldo HQ Pictures

    Hey everyone. If you have any large pics of C. Ronaldo could you please post them? I need them for something I am trying to make. Thanks. :)
  7. Christina

    [Friendly] Roma vs. Juventus - August 11

    This match is in Cesena at 20.45 CET (2:45 EST). Stream Italian program StreamerOne mainly used to get Italian Sport channels Canale5 and Rai Uno Download …
  8. Christina

    Serie B: Juventus vs Spezia [06-10-2007]

    vs Juventus vs Spezia Sunday, June 10th 2007 Stadio Olimpico 9:00am EST Final game of the season, after this, Serie B is over! :weee:
  9. Christina

    Serie B: Bari vs Juventus [06-03-07]

    vs Bari vs Juventus Sunday, June 3rd 2007 9:00am EST Stadio San Nicola
  10. Christina

    Serie B: Juventus vs Bologna [05-12-2007]

    vs Juventus vs Bologna Saturday, May 12th 2007 10:00am EST Stadio Olimpico
  11. Christina

    New Fifa Rankings

    FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking Italy oust Brazil to take top spot Italy on top of the world...and now on top of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking. Here, Antonio Di Natale celebrates after scoring against Turkey during their friendly match in Bergamo on 15 November 2006. (REUTERS) STEFANO...
  12. Christina

    Del Piero and Inzaghi

    Check out this comp i found of Del Piero and Inzaghi when they were on Juve together:cry:
  13. Christina

    Del Piero Bloopers

    i just found this video from youtube and its all of del piero's mistakes while making uliveto commercials check it out:cool:
  14. Christina


    Hahaha i love these spot SKY's watch them all lol:heart:
  15. Christina

    Del Piero LMAO

    check this out LMAO that makes me laugh especially when he is dancing LOL:toast: and in this one his laugh is hilarious:)
  16. Christina

    Euro 2008 Post the 2 teams you think will advance from each group.:D
  17. Christina

    Burdisso + Kuffour to juve??

    I read in an article that juve reportedly offered 8 milllion for Inter's argentine defender burdisso:eyebrows: and also an article about kuffour who may also move