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  1. Elnur_E65

    Question for experienced womenizers

    Ok, I am trying to hook up with this girl who is in another town and I'm trying to do it through facebook. We have been exchanging messages for the past three days. Her behavior can be characterized as follows: - Most of her replies have been short - It generally takes her little time to...
  2. Elnur_E65

    Football news by email. Any good source?

    I am basically looking to get the football news by email in plain text format. Anyone knows of a resource I can subscribe to?
  3. Elnur_E65

    Official Juventus Fan Club

  4. Elnur_E65

    Int-l Friendly Games, Apr 28th

  5. Elnur_E65

    Programs generate errors at launch

    My computer is acting weird- as I try to open most programs, I get an error message that a program "encountered a problem and had to close". This applies to MSN, AIM, Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, and some other programs. Word, Excel, Trilian and some other work fine. This is an error...
  6. Elnur_E65

    2 questions

    1. I have XP Pro. When I turn the computer on the system does not ask me to enter a password that I indicated during an initial setup. How can I turn the password promt on? 2. Media Player 10 has difficulties with automatically downloading some codecs for video playback. Any ways I can do...
  7. Elnur_E65

    Snoop will soon be a father!

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I am proudly announcing big news: SNOOP will soon become a father! His girlfriend, who currently resides in London (that would be UK), recently telegraphed him these big news. They will have twins- boy and a girl. She also emailed him x-ray pictures of his kids...
  8. Elnur_E65

    Speed of light made faster

    Swiss researchers have successfully demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to control the speed of light in an optical fiber. There go... There is a speed faster than the speed of light now...
  9. Elnur_E65

    External Hard Drive problem

    I am trying to connect a hard drive to my system, and it fails- doesn't see it. Device Manager does have it listed, but notes that "This device cannot start (Code 10). Click troubleshoot." Troubleshoot only advises to restart the mashine and other useless stuff. No driver...
  10. Elnur_E65

    Most talked about transfer

    I thought for a second how long the Cassano thread was. So I sorted all transfer threads ever by the number of posts. Cassano one is indeed the largest, and still growing- 2478 replies. Closest to it is Emerson with just 1480. 3. Zlatan- 1271 4. Cannavaro- 769 5. Vieri - 760 6. Mutu-...
  11. Elnur_E65

    Ref extended Brazil-England epic

    Ok, I realize this happened in 1970, even before I was born, but still, pretty interesting. England's memorable defeat by Brazil at the 1970 World Cup continued beyond the final whistle, according to the Israeli referee in charge of the match. Abraham Klein told Israel newspaper Maariv...
  12. Elnur_E65

    Voyager 1

    This is probably THE MOST off-topic thread in history, but I simply couldn't miss it. The first human-made object is soon to leave the Solar System. The Voyager 1 probe is getting very close to the edge of the Solar System. Launched in 1977, the craft is now some 14 billion km (8.7...
  13. Elnur_E65

    Grokker An interesting way of internet searching, supposedly by relevance. Here's what I got for "UEFA Champions League"
  14. Elnur_E65

    See your house from space

    Go to Type in your street, city and zip In the upper right corner of the screen select "satellite" Totally awesome thing. I just tracked how I go to school from my house every day. The Big Brother is always watching... This is how birds see my college campus.
  15. Elnur_E65 reduces shipping costs

    Finally, I got this in an email today. Are you a foreign customer? There’s a good news for you! Thanks to a new agreement with our shipping agent, you can buy on and pay lower shipping costs. Infact, the new system will calculate the shipping costs on the basis of the...
  16. Elnur_E65

    Juventus killing Real Madrid

    Any torrents for the game?
  17. Elnur_E65

    Super Bowl's 29 funniest commercials I really don't like American cars, but that new Cadillac looks awesome... and what a performance! Under 5 seconds to 100 km/h From the same website: Recent MU-Arsenal incident
  18. Elnur_E65

    WC 2006 Tickets

    Today, on Feb 1st, tickets went online. But how can you buy tickets if teams have not been drawn yet? Anybody done this before? Can you sell/exchange the ticket later?
  19. Elnur_E65

    Jean Carlos Chera

    People around here are so desparate to buy new players, here is an option for y'all. SAO PAULO, Brazil - At this rate, sonograms will become a soccer recruiting tool pretty soon. Jean Carlos Chera, a 9-year-old who is 4-foot-6, is attracting interest from Manchester United and other top...
  20. Elnur_E65

    Post That Picture 3.0

    Let's have another try for a picture thread. People, avoid unnecesary gossip so that we can keep the thread going. School started this week. And partying did too. Everyone got hammered last night.