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  1. Erkka

    Primary suspects: Juve, Milan, Lazio & Fiorentina

    How come noone posted this yet? 19 games (also one from Serie B) are being investigated because of these suspicions. e: honestly, why didn't...
  2. Erkka

    Betting scandal

    ...currently the ones who are suspected are Gigi Buffon, Fabio Cannavaro & Manuele Blasi. The fourth remains to be seen...
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    How about opening a new area for articles. I mean articles about the history of Juve, about the legendary players and the won and lost titles? I've been trying to get members actually contribute (just look at my sig), but so far only Geof (:tup:) has promised to do anything concrete. And yes...
  4. Erkka

    Player articles

    edit: did anyone actually ever read these? Mod edit: yes. So why did you choose to remove them?
  5. Erkka

    New star soccer 3

    Try it, I immediately fell in love! I'll write more about it when I've got time.
  6. Erkka

    Hypocritical, anonymous silence about doping and fixed games

    I've doublechecked but I still might be wrong... There are no threads or even mentions about the fixed games that the romans did last spring, no thread about sir Stanley Matthews admitting that he ate pills that made him busy and staying up the nights, no thread about Mazzola's brother saying...
  7. Erkka

    The Triade (Bettega, Giraudo, Moggi)

    Since the future of triade is on the line, I thought about making a thread for them. Moggi has kept the footballing world guessing about his future by making statements to every direction since he's contract will end next year. I'm not sure about Bettega's situation, but surely he will stay...
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    Like Andy says: HELP please.

    I've got problems with my BitTornado. I open the file and leave it there, loading the files, but for some strange reason it usually stops after 10 minutes or so, and I've got to start the program again. Can anyone help me with this, or should I just load some other program or newer version of...
  9. Erkka

    Kerlon and his new trick

    Kerlon aiming to emulate two Rons By Tim Vickery Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaucho and Adriano did not become overnight stars for the Brazilian national team. All of them first represented their country at Under-17 level, and the experience was invaluable as they made their way in senior...
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    please check your pm's!!
  11. Erkka

    cufre and Pintu

    I want it, anyone?!
  12. Erkka

    roma vs. Juventus, pics before the game!

    ...and I didn't even mention the fascists... :angel:
  13. Erkka

    Go to hell!! Damn, I'm doomed. :D Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Many and varied sinners suffer eternally in the multi-leveled Malebolge, an ampitheatre-shapped...
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    Drughi are back!!
  15. Erkka

    Who are you going to call?!

    Hackers splashed Paris Hilton's addressbook to the Internet! Here's the whole story:,10801,99934,00.html And here's the cool part: I'm planning to call to Lindsay...
  16. Erkka

    Ronaldinho vs. Maradona

    Vol.1: Vol.2: 1st one is about 20 minutes and 147mb 2nd one is about 8 minutes and 55mb These are well worth...
  17. Erkka

    Anyone got that fantastic move by DP against Livorno?!

    So, anyone got that fantastic move by DP against Livorno?! :D And yeah, this is simply hilarious: :howler:
  18. Erkka

    2934 posts, thanks fellows

    yeah, it's been fun, I'm just very bored with this place so I might not make it to 5000... So I decided to say thanks to everyone now when it's not too late... Here it comes: THANKS I'm not going to be here regularly anymore, no hard feelings guys... :) And now let's wait Paulo_Montero...
  19. Erkka

    Premiership star fails drugs test!

    A Premiership player has tested positive for a banned substance, according to the Mail on Sunday. The report claims the player tested positive after a test conducted by UK Sport. The Football Association refused to comment on the report today. The FA intend to tighten their doping...
  20. Erkka


    Yeah, post your own ratings and ratings from Gazzetta for example... :cool: This should be interesting...