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  1. Lawnchair Bes

    Are you the kind who complains about the kind that buys designer sunglasses?

    What is up people? been away for 5 weeks, went to see the motherland after 8 years (did a lot of sitting in lawn-chairs) kindly update yourselves as necessary, unless you have nothing to say, or have joined the forum for less than a month
  2. Lawnchair Bes

    anyone of yall been to antigua?

    what's it like? any recommendations about what to do and where to get drunk?
  3. Lawnchair Bes

    How would you rate yourself?

    This is a poll for the self-described atheists. On a scale of Martin to Seven where: Martin - let's all love and understand each other and I come from a socialist country and we can win debates with arguments Lawnchair Bes - i understand your need to believe in whatever you want to believe...
  4. Lawnchair Bes

    need help here

    so thanks to fli, i cant get back to doing my school work until i get another 25 people clicking in this link. mods be kind please click
  5. Lawnchair Bes

    dealing with the double post bug 101

  6. Lawnchair Bes

    dealing with the double post bug 101

    so you don't look like idiots, like this anonymous poster, follow these easy instructions
  7. Lawnchair Bes

    AMC's Mad Men

    Anyone here a fan? i just saw season 1 and it is indeed good. on one hand you have the actions and the attitudes of the 50's which look so outdated and downright funny, juxtaposed to the advertising techniques that are scarily similar to strategies used today. a lot of the jokes are repeated...
  8. Lawnchair Bes

    guy stabbing toddlers ? never happen in belgium The man suspected of killing two toddlers and an adult in a stabbing spree at a Belgian nursery is a 20-year-old Belgian, a prosecutor said. The man - who is being questioned - was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and had no previous...
  9. Lawnchair Bes

    belgium, does it exist? new study weighs in

    Alright alright, I'm kidding. But i have this annoying presentation from my Intro to french class on belgium and i just realized were are very fortunate to have at least 2 very fine young Belgians. what about it's history, current events, and socio-economics makes Belgium different from other...
  10. Lawnchair Bes

    if you have been scammed by a nigerian 416 scam, read this

    DEAR BENEFICIARY. FRAUD VICTIMS/$150,000 BENEFICIARIES. OUR REF: 10667FV YOUR REF: 06654 Attention, SCAM VICTIMS REIMBURSEMENTS PROGRAMME. I write to bring to your notice as a delegate from the Nigerian Government Reimbursement Committee under the strict supervision of the United...
  11. Lawnchair Bes

    man decapitated in canadian bus

    the joke is that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is so strapped for cash they didnt forget to give the bus a parking ticket.
  12. Lawnchair Bes

    predicting what maurinho will say about the trofeo tim tomorrow (wed, july 30, 2008)

    thread was needed, because it existed before this need
  13. Lawnchair Bes

    mp3 players

    Hello everyone, I have decided that i want to get me a decent mp3 player. Is there a hard drive based one that will allow you to just copy+paste the music? rather than go through the software and have to "sync" anyone own one that they are particularly happy with? why?
  14. Lawnchair Bes

    it has that new country smell

    Serbs in Kosovo are holding the inaugural session of an assembly set up in defiance of the majority ethnic Albanian government and the UN. The meeting is being held in the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica. Fifty three members were elected in May during Serbia's general and municipal...
  15. Lawnchair Bes

    I'm a true loser

    The following are all my posts on the "B or A" thread that are considered to "Derail threads where there is serious discussion going on", as Ze Tahir interprets such rule. If these are not enough, please, allow me to search the rest of the pages and provide the links for the other qualifying...
  16. Lawnchair Bes

    bad teachers in your post-secondary studies

    you ever get those bad teachers? in my case, she cant speak the language, very disorganized, spend way too much time in the begining of the course explaining the easy material. Where does that leave me? having to learn the new shit on nearly not enough time, and on time that needs to be spent...
  17. Lawnchair Bes

    sexy picture

  18. Lawnchair Bes

    interesting card reader conundrum

    so i just got a usb card reader and it works fine on my buddy's computer as well as the school computer. however, it does not work on my pc. i get some I/O problem or something. also, my pda that can act as a card reader works fine on my pc which is windows xp by the way
  19. Lawnchair Bes

    SUPER © help

    does anyone have the set-up file for the video converter Super © found here can someone upload it for me
  20. Lawnchair Bes

    it's been too long since i started a

    "tell me everything is going to be alright" thread. so anyone willing to tell me everything will be alright :faq2: