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  1. Philipp00

    my pictures triestina-juventus

    I will post some of my pictures from yesterdays match.
  2. Philipp00

    Agnellis investing in juve again??

    from Juve, il piano degli Agnelli Finita l'era della Triade, è pronto il rilancio economico del club. La famiglia investirà per tornare al top in Europa in 5 anni. Il Delle Alpi ristrutturato entro il 2010 TORINO, 14 ottobre 2006 - Dopo 13 anni gli Agnelli torneranno a...
  3. Philipp00

    my pictures from Juventus-Vicenza

    I went to torino to watch juventus-vicenza. a few pictures:
  4. Philipp00

    Juventus Summercamp in Pinzolo

    Yesterday I visited the juventus training in Pinzolo.I will post some pictures.
  5. Philipp00

    [Serie A] Reggina-Juventus

    I know, it is a little bit early now but I found this article on Reggina’s Stadio Granillo has been banned for one match due to crowd trouble, so the final round against Juventus will be on neutral turf. The fiery Derby dello Stretto against Messina turned ugly after the...
  6. Philipp00

    fan videos and fotos here you can find fotos and videos of a juventus fanclub. you have to look at the video of Sampdoria-Juventus. One of them is really funny. The juventus fans are making the sampdoria fans wet... :)
  7. Philipp00

    Juventus ticket prices

    What do you think about the ticket prices at the delle alpi? I think they are a shame. The cheapest ticket in the curva costs 50 euros. The other tickets cost around hundred euros. I think that this is just a shame and I can understand that people prefer to watch the match at home instead of in...
  8. Philipp00

    Birindelli to Messina

    I found this on channel 4. Don`t know if it is true: Messina bring in Birindelli Sunday 15 January, 2006 Messina have confirmed the imminent arrival of Juventus defender Alessandro Birindelli and several other reinforcements. “Will Birindelli be presented to the Press on Monday? I...
  9. Philipp00

    Contract with Mediaset Group Agreement between Juventus and Mediaset Group Juventus Football Club announces that it has signed contracts with the Mediaset Group, for the 2007/08 and 2008/09 seasons, concerning the transmission across any distribution platform, of the home matches in the Italian...
  10. Philipp00

    Pictures Rapid-Juventus

    A few pictures from Vienna and Rapid-Juventus. Soorry. A little bit late....
  11. Philipp00

    [CL] Rapid - Juventus

    Next wednesday we play our last match of the CL group stage at Vienna against Rapid. Do you think we will try to win the group and try to make some goals or will most of our first team players be rested? I think Buffon said that he wants to play again in Vienna. I will be at the stadium and...
  12. Philipp00

    F.C Torino bancrupt

    Today the F.C Torino has been declared bancrupt. Does anybody know if they will be able to go on playing in the serie B or do they have to start further down like Fiorentina and Neapel.
  13. Philipp00

    Scudetto 2002

    I found a video showing the last day of the season in 2002. Inter loses in Rome against Lazio and we win in Udine. Great emotions. Hope you like it.
  14. Philipp00

    Season 05/06

    The new Serie A season will kick off on Sunday August 28 and conclude on May 14, with five midweek rounds. The campaign will kick off on Saturday August 20 with the Italian Supercup clash between Scudetto holders Juventus and the winners of the Coppa Italia, which will be either Inter or...
  15. Philipp00

    License for next season

    I red that 10 out of 20 Serie A clubs in Italy are in danger of getting the license for the next season. Under this clubs are: Roma, Lazio, Parma, Inter and Milan. Inter made 100 million debts in just one season. Ac Milan will be saved because Berlusconi will help them with his money. I am so...
  16. Philipp00

    Why does such a big and popular team like Juve have such a bad homepage? No real news, no videos, no wallpapers, no screensavers, no history section... there are so many things missing on the homepage. The english version always gets updated much too late. What`s so difficult about making a...
  17. Philipp00

    How to get tickets for away matches?

    Does somebody of you know if it is possible to get tickets for away games? i would like to watch Fiorentina-Juventus next April. Is it only possible to buy the away-tickets in Torino or can they be bought anywere else?
  18. Philipp00

    New stadium

    Do you know if and when Juventus is going to build a new satdium?? What will it look like, how big will it be.... I would be very happy if you could give me some information and perhaps links. Thank you!!!!