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  1. Elvin

    Confederations Cup 2017

    Chile's goal just got rightfully (a matter of centimetres) disallowed. VAR is :tuttosport:
  2. Elvin

    Club World Cup 2013

    Forza Don Lippi !!!
  3. Elvin

    The Newsroom

    Anyone into it? Started watching just for Olivia Munn and got hooked. I don't always find a good show to follow but when I do I watch the entire season in 2 days. Thumbs up, Alan Sorkin
  4. Elvin

    Best second foot?

    Which player (current or all-time) is most skilled with his second (wrong foot)? From the ones I've seen Del Piero CR7 Nedved Zidane Zambrotta Maldini MODS, a poll maybe?
  5. Elvin

    Your Favorite Wild Animal

    Which wild animal leaves you in awe every time you see it on TV or at Zoo/Aquarium. Pix or vids are very welcome.
  6. Elvin

    Your Favorite New (!) Star

    Who is the player than has won your heart in the last 2 years. I mean we always think that when our favorites retire/fade away (in my case: Zizou, Davids, Figo, Aimar, Deco) that no one will be able to excite us as much. I'm talking mostly about non-Juve players, players because of whom you...
  7. Elvin

    How I Met Your Mother

    It's back... and funny :weee:
  8. Elvin

    Elvish Love

    admit it, you LOOOOOOVE me! :evil: What's up, cinderfellas... yeah it's 15K. Gimme love :nico: :flag1:
  9. Elvin

    Modern Family

    Anyone watches? Anyone recommends? I haven't seen it, but I've developed a huge crush on Sofia Vergera lately and was thinking of downloading Season 1, but am kinda afraid the show might ruin her for me :D Is it funny? Is it good? Is it addictive like HIMYM is?
  10. Elvin

    Players Name Game

    Basically it's the game of Cities but with players' name. One names a player and the other names a player whose name starts with the last letter of the previous player. Me and my friends play this all the time when we're bored. RULES: 1) Only jersey names can be used, meaning if you got 'D'...
  11. Elvin

    Best bomber of the last decade (and a half) ?

    We're talking about pure strikers here, emphasis on finishing abilities. MODS, a poll please: Raul Van Nistelrooy Inzaghi Shevchenko Ronaldo (R9) D. Villa Eto'o Henry Klose (yes, Klose) Crespo Drogba PS Juve players not included for obvious reasons.
  12. Elvin

    Footy in 3D?

    I was just watching Conan O'Brian and he said that SONY is going to broadcast WC2010 in 3D? How fuckin awesome would that be eh? Dagn Imagine smoking a jay and tripping on that shit :D What do you think? Please discuss...
  13. Elvin

    If you had to live there forever...

    If you had to live there for the rest of your life, which city would you pick. In other words your favorite city, whether you live there, or want to/dream to live there. Just one please. Keep it to cities, no villages and shit. Rio de Janeiro.
  14. Elvin


    Has anyone ever wondered why is it that the humanity went through more changes and progress in the 20st century than during almost the entire history combined? And do you think the 21st will kick its ass?
  15. Elvin

    It's OK to be a man but definitely not OK to be Elvin A very interesting read.
  16. Elvin

    Elvin: Forum Punching Bag

    After tomorrow's CL games, would you be so kind to post a separate links/torrents to the full matches (only), of Juve - Maccabi and Real - Milan in this thread. Also, mods, could you please delay writing the score of the game in the match title for one day. I have to miss my first Juve match...
  17. Elvin

    Your Favorite non-Juve Player?

    Among currently active players, just one name please. I wanna know who holds the special place in hearts of Juventuz members. Pablo Aimar.
  18. Elvin

    Movie Talk (New Films, Old Films... doesn't matter)

    The old thread is loading really really slow. So if our beloved mods don't mind to close the old one and make this one sticky that would be swell. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I saw Earth. Nature is fascinating :tup:
  19. Elvin

    Your Most Favorite Movie?

    Just one please. GoodFellas
  20. Elvin

    Your Mostest Favoritst Actor In The Whole Wide World?

    Just one name please. Al Pacino.