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  1. HelterSkelter

    Krzysztof Piatek - one season wonder or next big thing?

    Self explanatory question. He hasn’t been tested in European football since he moved to Serie A, but he looks pretty solid. Then again, so did Belotti recently. Piatek’s true test might come next season when Milan make it to the the Champions League which it appears they are on course for. If...
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    The Office - US vs UK

    So in the last one odd year, ive binged on The Office ( US version ). Ive watched the whole season multiple times and it is easily up there with my favourite TV shows ever. Recently Netflix Canada uploaded the original version - the UK one. Needless to say, I didn't like it. It isn't a case of...
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    How important is Zalayeta to our team?

    He's never been a first choice striker for us,and unless all our strikers get injured for the entire season,he wont be a first choice striker either.Having said that,he doesnt bitch about not getting playing time,doesnt complain about being on the bench,and gives his best everytime he's called...
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    Academic Dilemmas

    Has anyone here been in a position where you've studied something for a considerably long time, and then at a later stage realized that you wasted a large chunk of your academic life studying something you were never actually interested in? Im not talking about random courses here and...
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    Worst and Best Major Airports You've Been To

    Pretty self explanatory. Personally for me... Best - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) Worst - Heathrow. Please argue on.
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    I got one (again) recently.I've used an Iphone too in the past,but i just wanted to get opinions on who here still uses Blackberry and prefers it over Iphone and HTC. Also,when we're done with that,you can tell me some cool blackberry apps that i can download,which was the basic purpose of this...
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    a question of ethics,or..?

    My MBA will end in June,so i'm in the process of applying for Jobs these days.So,Standard Chartered came to our college the other day,and gave out this presentation,describing the whole application process for their IG (International Graduate) thing.Now,here's the thing.Once you fill our the...
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    Foxy Roxy

    Roxxxy, the world’s first ’sexbot’ has been unveiled at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. The raunchy rubber automaton is anatomically correct, stands five feet seven inches tall, has an articulated skeleton and comes with five ‘personalities’. There is Wild Wendy, Frigid...
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    HP computers are racist

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    Mando Diao

    I saw this video on MTV a few years ago.And i loved the song.But the band's name was weird,and it slipped off my mind.A few days back i came across that song on youtube.It was 'Down In The Past' by Mando Diao.So obsessed with music as i am,i've been spending the last few days checking out more...
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    I don't know if any such topic has been discussed before around here.So my apologies in advance. People who believe in Religion do believe in the concept of fate.This does not necessarily mean that they believe that man has no power to control his destiny.What it means that God does have a...
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    The Greatest Songwriter Of All Time

    Who would you go for? It would be Paul McCartney for me.
  13. HelterSkelter

    Noel Gallagher Quits Oasis

    Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Oasis chief songwriter and guitarist Noel Gallagher says he has quit over a breakdown in relations with his brother Liam, the U.K. rock band’s singer. Oasis was one of the bands to pioneer Britrock in the 1990s with songs such as “Wonderwall” and “Live Forever.” The...
  14. HelterSkelter

    Freddie Mercury or Elton John

    I had this discussion with a guy on a facebook group about who's the better vocalist,and generally speaking..who's the bigger artist.You know,stuff about who has influenced more,who was better live,who achieved more blah blah. I went with Freddie obviously,due to the sheer magnitude of what the...
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    Mafia Game : Version 4.0

    This is Asif (Iceman)'s baby. Sign up.
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    Up Yours Iphone
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    Would You Be Happy If Our League Rivals Sold Their Best Players To Foreign Leagues?

    The Kaka situation,The Zlatan situation etc. Keeping everything in mind..from our ability to win,the credibility of the league where we win,even to our ability to attract major stars in the future. Would you be happy?
  18. HelterSkelter

    Does Anyone Still Think That Lionel Messi Is Overrated?

    You should have known better Sali
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    Shakespeare - Real Or Fake?

  20. HelterSkelter

    Shakespeare - Real Or Fake?

    Something that people might have come across before.I came across this theory a few days back in a local magazine,and even though it's a regular conspiracy,it's not completely impossible. Check this out :