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    Thank you TUZ! Been here for many years now, and I finally got my 10.000 post's.. I could be writing a looooong post but I really suck at that.. I just wanna say that this place, with the members here old and new is amazing. It has become a place that I visit every day, a place I talk about...
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    Help me win a Smartphone :)

    Hey fellas.. I need some help.. I can win a Sonyericsson x10 for free :D.. BUT I need you, to be able to win. Facebook: ALL you need to do is vote for 2 pictures.. vote for the white and the red shoes you will find the picture below the text : Uge 39: Seneste It will not take you more then...
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    I was searching for a thread about the finest phone ever, but non came up.. So why not make one.. I got the iPhone 3g 16gb Black.. :D Talk about it here.. The good, the bad, da shit..
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    DD quits, Lippi returns!

    Didier Deschamps told journalists he has resigned as Coach of Juventus and the latest reports place Marcello Lippi back on the bench! There was immense confusion over the tactician’s future after Sky TG24 announced after midnight that Deschamps had tended his resignation in protest at...
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    kapo not going to euro2004 :(

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    Taddei footwork ?

    I was watching the CL show on TV3 denmark, and after the chelsea barca game where they where showing alle the other goals from the other cl games.. And they also showed (what they said, the best trick ever seen in the game) a Taddei foot trick.. really nice it was.. anyway, hope someone got...
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    Prison Break !

    Anyone watching this one.. Its by fare the greatest show i have seen... just saw the last episode of season one, (thats episode 22)... Talk.. News, What u think about it.. etc.... If your gonna say something about what happends in the epsiodes, please warn in the first letters of your...
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    [Poll] Zlatan or Capello

    Well... Im very interested to see how many people here want to give Zlatan a chance.. So if we could make a PULL for this one.. Capello Out, Give Zlatan a Chance Zlatan Out, Let Capello continue as a Coach Fuck em both.. LEAVE PLEASE If we had to choose i would go with Capello to...
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    Ronaldinho Secret Unveil?

    take a look.. ;)
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    The Mobile Phone Thread!

    We need this imo.. here ppl can talk about phones... Go ahead.. I need a new phone, but i cant decide witch one to buy? Any suggestion??
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    Music Maker.. HELP!

    I need some help.. I got some songs that i wanna Edit, like, its albanian/english rap, and they say bad words on the songs, so i was like thinking, do any of u know a music software that can edit a song??? (its because my younger brother likes the songs, but i dont want him listning to stuff...
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    Football fights and tackles

    Some nasty stuff here..! watch it.. its a video 3 min or something.. just click here and it will start!
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    5000 ! ! ! !

    Well... Finally... It’s great to share views with other fans in here. I'm happy to be here and hope I can make my stay here in the future. Here's a few ppl whom I wanna thank/comment on... Before i start u should know that i suck at dedication.. Here they come Don Bes - Sup' Albo...
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    Juve prepare Ajax clean-up

    Juve prepare Ajax clean-up Tuesday 8 November, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juventus are reportedly planning a raid for three Ajax players, with Maxwell, Hatem Trabelsi and Nigel de Jong all targets for the Turin club. After...
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    Belarus 1 - 4 Italy

    Goals ?
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    About the Cassano thread !

    I dont see why the mod(Zlatan) closed this thread, i really dont get it WHY? for what reason? okay, some say, he is not a Juve player, YES that's true, but if his thread is being closed, the the HOLE transfer section should be CLOSED!!! anyway, i dont see why ppl are being so *****iii about it...
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    Scarlett Johansson

    She is HOT! Just saw the new movie "The Island" and i liked it, prob because of here..:)
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    from kosovo.. im on holiday

    :D hey all.. damn i miss ya.. well this is my first post form here.. just read what moggi has done with miccoli and marseca.. haha he is so smart,., anyway hope u all are good.. i am :) btw, what will happend with this site?? anything new?
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    A new Abramovich ready to buy Italian Club ?

    Serie A, l'armata russa è alle porte 27 06 2005 ALL this from I cloni di Abramovich pronti a comprarsi la Serie A Grazia Neri Immaginiamo la Juventus, l'Inter e il Milan in mano ai munifici petrolieri russi, pronti a metter le mani al portafogli per acquistare per la loro...