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  1. Winter Mercato 2023

    On loan for the rest of the season wouldn't be bad though.
  2. Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    Ok, validates my decision to go to the gym at half time. Thanks man.
  3. Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    I am not watching, are we winning because we got a random play to go our way? Or did we actually start to play well?
  4. Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    I'm going to the gym, this is shit.
  5. Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    What a shit game. A shitshow when attacking as usual.
  6. [SA] Verona 0-1 Juventus [November 10th, 2022] 12:30 PM EaSTern/+5

    If Juve wins, the team jumps to 4th place. We can't afford not to win this. Allegri: you activated my trap card! McKennie, Kean, Rugani, Bonucci and Paredes play tomorrow as starters.
  7. Massimiliano “Bam Bam” Allegri

    The team stumbled onto EL after losing 5 games out of 6, including a loss to freaking Maccabi Haifaigfiaifa. We are not beating anyone decent, forget about winning the EL, it would be an off season Christmas miracle.
  8. Massimiliano “Bam Bam” Allegri

    We have a couch directing this team. Even I can't do worse than this guy.
  9. Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    Not feeling like a masochist tonight, how is the team doing?
  10. Massimiliano “Bam Bam” Allegri

    Bread in Germany is great too.
  11. Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    Good thing I'm not watching this
  12. [CL] Maccabi Haifa 2-0 Juve [October 11th, 2022] 12:45pm EaSTern/+6 local

    I don't have any interest in the game, Allegri and his jihadball broke me.
  13. [CL] Maccabi Haifa 2-0 Juve [October 11th, 2022] 12:45pm EaSTern/+6 local

    We might win here, because our master tactic of "pass it to Di Maria" will have Di Maria on the pitch, so it might work.
  14. [SA] Milan 2-0 Juventus [October 8th, 2022] 12:00 EaSTern/Don't be too lazy to google it time

    That's our mistake, we signed a couch to coach the team instead of a coach....actually, I'm not sure there's much of a difference in coaching skills between a couch and Allegri, when the playing tactic is pass it to Di Maria and pray.
  15. Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    Incredible pass.
  16. [SA] Juve 3-0 Bologna [October 2nd, 2022] 14:45 EST/20:45 CET

    Well, if you can't put a good show with the football on the pitch, then makes sense to try with something else. :p I also can't believe we will continue to suffer from Allegriball, but well, put yourself in Agnelli's position, he's his very good buddy! You wouldn't let down your own buddy like...
  17. Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    What a shitshow. Same bs every game.
  18. [CL] Juventus 1-2 Benfica [September 14th, 2022]

    I stopped watching the moment Benfica scored the second goal. Seems like I took the right decision.
  19. [Serie A] Juventus 2-2 Salernitana [September 11th, 2022]

    If we can take a look at the positives, Paredes is giving us a new way of playing, we play way more through the center with him around.
  20. [CL] PSG 2-1 Juventus [September 6th, 2022]

    Daaamn, he's not joking, google says it's a dude that goes by Ines Rau. Of all the chicks in the world that he could choose, he chooses none? :sergio: