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Inferiority complex
Nov 16, 2003
Mr. Marty, Dr Juve, Moderators and distinguished Members of Juventuz, the bonds between me and you are strong and enduring. I am convinced that they will continue to strengthen and that the Juventuz Commnity will always find in me a partner nation with which it can share the same vision of the world.

Allow me to conclude by sharing with you a brief story. It is the story of a young man, one who had just graduated from high school. His father took him to a cemetery that was the final resting place for brave young posters, young posters who had crossed an ocean to restore dignity and liberty to an oppressed people. In showing him those crosses, that father made his son vow never to forget the ultimate sacrifice those young Juventuz posters had made for his freedom. That father made his son vow eternal gratitude to that country.

That father was my father, and that young man was me.

I have never forgotten that sacrifice and that vow, and I never will.

Thank you.

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Sep 23, 2003
Now that Berlusconi's sex scandal is getting way out of hand, Incubo has just gotten unintelligible...


Inferiority complex
Nov 16, 2003
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    Don't know Swag..a 78 year old having orgies with hot20 something chicks is really not a scandal its admirable...a 70 year old US senator that sleeps with a 70 year old hag of a wife with tits like deflated water balloons and false teeth is a scandal if you ask me....

    I got two warnings in 12 hours being what the hell

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