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Jul 2, 2005
Short info

Juventuz has always been free to use and will always be a non-profit site. It is expensive to run though with high server costs, fees and licenses so a couple of weeks ago I added ads for guests but the ad income is a total of 2€ :eek: from more than 200,000 ads displayed so it's rather pointless and they will likely be disabled shortly.

So, in what other ways can you help with the running costs of the site?

Amazon and eBay links

We're now affiliates of these programs meaning if you use the links and either buy something or sign up for a free trial we get a commission. :)

Amazon Prime Free Trial:

So whenever you're looking to use either Amazon or eBay, go through our links and you've supported our site without it costing you anything. Thanks! :weee:

Account upgrades

You can upgrade your account to "Contributor" status here, I've just lowered the fees even more so it's very affordable.

At the moment the perks are that you'll be guaranteed to never see any ads while logged in and you'll also get a contributor badge and can pick a different username color and you get access to content that is restricted for regular members or that may be restricted in the future.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and you'll still be a "Contributor" for the period you've paid for.


You can donate by upgrading your account to "Contributor" and then cancel your subscription immediately and it will work just like a donation:

Buy on
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