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Jun 23, 2011
I was going to write; One of us clowns here should visit JM and pretend we are his therapist in order to worsen his condition.
Then I thought. Let's not, JM will probably do more harm. Go JM!


In bocca al lupo, Fabio.
Jun 25, 2003
for a club like juve who's so ruthless and getting rid of players including legends.....they sure like getting cucked every season by sandro

he had one maybe 2 good seasons. rest he's been such a bad full back

2 seasons out of now 9 seasons at the club. why? don't answer it we know why. juve is ok with medicore players.
It's crazy.

I don't know what happened. He was perfectly fine at first. Then somewhere along the way he got shit.

And now it seems as if his performances don't really matter. He'll play regardless.

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