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Feb 17, 2019
yeah, he enjoys the tax benefits

i think we won't pay the 35m anyway. we either get someone instead of him or negotiate the price.
We should re-negotiate because he came to A. Madrid as a Chelsea reject and he came to Juve as an A. Madrid reject so why should we pay that much $?
We are in very good position to re-negotiate, to lower the price significantly what da fuck were Tici and Nedved doing idk.

Morata as a player it is what it is, it's nice to have him but not as our main ST.

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Feb 9, 2013
you mean the 10m loan, the 35m option or his wages?
Didn’t he take a big wage cut to come here? He’s only on like 5 mil net which is peanuts for the numbers he provided last year. The loan number aren’t bad either, but I’d say we absolutely should be trying to get that 35 mil option dropped to under 20 mil. If not, send him back and go for a top young Striker to battle it out with Kean.


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Jan 31, 2003
I rate morata and think he gets too much criticism. He is nearing 30 though. If we are building for the future then id prefer to put energy into bringing a player like vlahovic to the club. Give him the chance with kean..two younger stars. Chiesa and kulu the others...a good going group to start another juve dynasty.

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