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Apr 14, 2007
Events - 24 Apr 2007 - 6:53 PM

Andrea in the hearts

Since 12 years ago, April 25 is a sad day for the all Bianconeri people. It is in fact the anniversary of Andrea Fortunato’s death. In 1995, at only 23, the promising defender from Salerno lost his battle against leukaemia, and left everybody in great discomfort. In particular, all his team mates, who after few days, dedicated to him the conquered Scudetto.

Also April 24 is connected with the name of Andrea. Just an year after, in 1994, because of the first signals of the disease, Fortunato played at Piacenza his last match with the Bianconeri’s shirt.

During these 12 years, Andrea’s memory has remained alive in everybody’s hearts, not only in those who had the honour to meet him, but also in all the fans that supported him. Particularly touching the memory rendered by the whole Stadio Olimpico during the recent 109° Company’s birthday, last November 1st, when his number 3 shirt was collected by his brother Candido.

In these years, there have been many initiatives on behalf of Andrea Fortunato. Above all, the Football Library opened few weeks ago, and that has his name. For further information, visit

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Aug 25, 2006
Andrea had a lot of potential that was never realised because of his death due to leukaemia. It was such a shame that he died.

RIP Andrea!


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Aug 28, 2006
I remember very clear the whole process of his disease. The goal he made when everybody knows he was seriouslty sick. The service in honouring him in Torino s church with Gian luca Vialli in tears reading a speech in behalf of the team.
I think that episode was crutial for that team, that won everything after andrea s death and always remember him.

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