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May 17, 2019
Nedved along with Cherubini & Agnelli continued to vote for confidence in Pirlo. Paratici has never been so far from Juventus as he is now, while Nedved is closely tied to the president, Paratici wanted to end the season with Tudor. (La Stampa)
La Stampa is fully owned and controlled by Fiat, this looks weird. Looks like we're parting ways with Tici, but that is hardly a good reason to float crap like this.

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Mar 29, 2006
you know the club is in deep shit when tici is the voice of reason :baus:

btw i get why some voted to continue with pirlo: the squad should feel responsible. we already changed coaches twice and protected the squad, and here we are. too bad we didn't keep the best coach around and fired some lazy ass players instead.
"Trust the project, it takes years to implement a philosophy" :scared:

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I thought it was Tici sucking Agnelli's deck all this while.
As long as Neddy's around to do that, he wont be missed.


Mar 29, 2006
Its more on Agnelli, his happy to have yes men around him and doesnt like troublemakers or people demanding more than what their job entails.

Conte disagreed he left (although theres a bit more to it), Allegri the same, and same goes with Marotta and now Agnelli will fire Tici;'s ass. Happy to listen to yes men is a sign of weak leadership. If he doesnt get rid of Pirlo end of season and might be joining you guys in calling for his head and this is despite all his done over the past ten years.
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Jan 26, 2009
honestly, sack everyone
Absolutely. Blond Bozo is a little leech, living off his past glory as a footballer, while being nothing short of a toxic incompetent douche nozzle, a glorified VP who brown noses AA and pisses off everyone it seems. He should just GTFO before he does more damage, taking Thesis and Tootsie with him. It can't be that hard to find a replacement capable of picking balls out of bowls or kicking stadium banners.

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