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Sep 3, 2006
It's fucking bullshit and it actually hurts to watch Juve in this way, looking at the players at the club. But on top of that they wander about like they don't give a shit?! Someone needs to get the players' heads pointing in the same direction.

RAAAAAAGE. *breathe..*
they are weak mentally, probably the most difficult aspect of an athlete to alter/modify.

will need something special, otherwise the squad we have is at least top 3 material.

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Jan 7, 2007
It's been a long patient wait ever since we retuened from B. Hopefully our wait is not in vain.
Not obtaining a CL spot this season hurts the club VERY bad. It's tough to obtain world class talent without a place in CL... it's just the nature of the sport. Also, I will say, the club really lacks stability with a new coach every season... the problem isn't so much on the sidelines as it is in the front office.

We need Moggi asap.


Nov 26, 2006
I think he has an incentive bonus in his contract for blown two-goal leads at home against minnows.
I read an article yesterday describing him as the Robin Hood of managers, due to the way he takes points from the rich teams and gives them to the poor ones.

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Sep 4, 2006
Big clubs rage at TV rights deal

The money from pay-per-view television rights is the main source of income for Italian clubs and every summer there tends to be controversy over how the funds are divided up.

The five big sides – Milan, Inter, Juventus, Roma and Napoli – had protested vehemently against the other clubs following a meeting on April 15.

This is because the smaller sides picked three agencies to calculate how the television rights should be divided up and the top clubs disagreed with the choice.

Today the matter came to a head when the smaller sides won 6-5 with Lega Calcio President Maurizio Beretta’s decisive vote.

“Beretta will take responsibility for his actions, including what effect it will have on the Lega,” blasted Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani.

“He abstained from the first vote and promised to do the same today, but then changed his mind.”

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli was even more severe with the Lega decision.

“There are five clubs who between them represent 75 per cent of the fans, but are forced to accept the decisions of the other teams. We have 3m people in our potential audience compared to the 300,000 of the other 15.

“We will appeal to the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) to ensure the development of this sport. We are united with the other four big clubs and could leave the Lega.

“Does this mean possibly playing in the Premier League or French Ligue 1? We are evaluating all options.” :D

Beretta responded with a statement insisting “in the absence of other options supported by everyone, it was difficult to avoid getting the process underway.

“In any case, I maintain there are the time and the conditions to find an agreement between all parties on how this mechanism will work.”

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