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Jun 23, 2011
Don`t get me wrong I don`t want him here, but there is not much you can say against him at this point. He won the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa in his first season and took us to CL with a semi professional and unmotivated team. He didn`t have enough time for a pre-season so the first few rounds in the championship were used as a pre-season when we were playing with Frabotta and Portanova. He was let down by Bentancur and Arthur on numerous occasions. I wouldn`t even mention Dybala or someone like Bernadeschi.

On top of that he managed to get 78 points which in any other season of the past 10 would guarantee us place in the CL. Plus the SL fiasco didn`t help either so pretty much everything was against him this season.
And yes, he succeeded the most unmotivated Juventus in the last 10 years.

And one more thing. He is on $1.5 milion salary which is not even in top 10 among the coaches of Serie A.

It would be irrational thinking to expect him to deliver more than this given all the circumstances.
I agree, but i think many, including myself, are tired of looking at this clueless bunch. To me Pirlo gives the impression of someone translating football manager to practice and not understanding that you need to practice every aspect of a game on every piece of the pitch. "If the ball is "here" and they are doing this, we do this." Kind of. If he is doing, he is clearly unable to translate it and his staff is poor to our not even then understanding his idea. A full season has past, we've looked OK in a few recent games but... Just watch any other big team and you see how clear their movements are etc.
Initially i thought Pirlo looked exciting and I've stated this numerous times. It seemed that he had ideas that i appreciate. That it is not about setting up a formation but managing zones and setting up a dynamic role mix. Managing people, and so on, being a leader. But after a while i felt like he was like a CEO of a company finding a "cool new idea"at a conference. Coming back home saying "we need to SYNERGIZE", everyone applauding to find out after a while that it really doesn't mean anything. The king is naked. Saying things like "i had to change my approach because my ideas didn't suit the players at my disposal" is fine but shouldn't take months of realization.
All the injuries and other issues you say are absolutely agreeable. But i expect a much clearer idea of what we do when we have possession. We have relied completely on individual skills to reach top 4, without Cuadrado, Ronaldo, and Chiesa, we would have ended up mid table at best. That is how poor we are. Even without them we should still have fundamentals at place to squeeze past least opponents without much difficulty, but there is none.

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Dec 31, 2002
I’m still unconvinced by Zidane am I crazy?
Its tough to say one coach is better than the other so no you are not crazy.
Take Real Madrid for example - He won 3 in a row (CL) then he won La-Liga only to lose it to Atletico when Atletico has a weaker team.
In CL - Chelsea made a fool out of them

There is no manager with only upsides.
Allegri is considered as a legend here and he has downsides as well -> He needs a specific team which isnt too attacking or too defending - He is more for stability.
Also Allegri got the team after Conte made an amazing work in terms of attitude and moral. It might be different this time as he will need to really motivate the team.
Conte is an amazing motivator but you can see how he is doing in CL...
Klopp`s teams usually start strong and then fade after a few seasons.
Guardiola - I can argue two things about him but one is more of a taste than fault. 1.Too many unneeded passes instead of going pragmatic. 2. With the amount of money City spent in recent years you would expect City to already have 2 CL trophies in their cabinet (they might get one this year though).
Gasperini isnt proven in a big team

Tough to say who is really the best choice for us.
Based on our current team I think Zidane would be better for us than Allegri (if its between the two).


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Apr 5, 2006
I have to say that i dont agree with people saying that its sad celebrating 4th place. Objectives change during a season. At the beginning of the season we had different objectives but at a certain point those objectives changed and we were after those objectives and ultimately we achived them and so, we should be happy. The final objectives were the Italian Cup and CL spot and we got them.


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Sep 2, 2018
Take Real Madrid for example - He won 3 in a row (CL) then he won La-Liga only to lose it to Atletico when Atletico has a weaker team.
In CL - Chelsea made a fool out of them
Zidane did an incredible job to steer this Madrid team to the semis of the CL and runners up to Atletico (falling short of the title by 2 points) as pound for pound, this has been the weakest squad Real have had at their disposal in over a decade. On top of that, they had 61 injuries over the course of the season and many of their key players were rarely available. So all in all, I really doubt anyone could’ve done much better than what he did with that team this season. Ditto for last season when they won the league.

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