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Dec 13, 2011
I think he did an amazing job for it being his first season as a coach. 2 trophies and a top 4 finish? Amazing. but unfortunately for him, this is Juventus and it simply was not good enough, especially after the run this club had the past decade.

Makes me so happy to finally see him in the legends section after his retirement as a player. Forza Maestro. Forza Juve. Good luck wherever you go except against us. Legend.


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Jul 18, 2004
Although I’m one of his biggest critics I actually feel a little sorry for him. I think he put absolutely 100% into this job and for a rookie manager to walk away in their first season with a trophy (the supercoppa in my eyes is worthless and just a one off game that he didn’t earn the right to play in) is still an impressive achievement.

But unfortunately the whole problem here is that he is a rookie coach, and he did not inherit a team that was at the top of its game to make that management transition easy. The team he was given is a misfiring bunch of misfits that lacked an identity. Way too big a job for a man at that point that hadn’t even been given the responsibility of deciding on even an in game substitution at any level!!

He started to find an identity in the last few games of the season, but that could also have been because the pressure was immense on everyone. I wish him all the best in the future, he is going to improve and in a few years I really hope he can hone his craft and we may see him back in the future


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Dec 31, 2002
He will save Sassuolo from relegation in the last matchday when the other team choke
deja vu
I dont think Pirlo is that bad. I mean he is bad for Juve because you need a way more experienced manager for this position but he shouldnt be bad for Sassuolo.
His ideas arent horrible - I do think he could become a good coach in the future but he needs to sort out some important things such as how to close out better, gel the attacking movement.

He will definitely not going to send Sassuolo to the champions league but he will get them to 10th place or so in his first season.


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May 17, 2019
Sass would be a great career opportunity for Pirlo and a much more adequate start than trying to lead Juventus through a transition season lol. Both de Zerbi and EDF had their breakouts there recently and went on to receive offers from bigger clubs.


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Nov 24, 2005
Grazie Andrea you did your best, but your best isn't enough for Juve.

I hope he finds success elsewhere, but I doubt it. He's not wired to be a successful coach IMO

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