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Mar 29, 2006
Won and left with some dignity, although i would have preferred if he resigned, or some mutual agreement or something rather than us sacking him. It just sounds bad sacking a legend. Thank you Pirlo, we know deep down this season wasnt all your fault, you shouldnt have been hired in the first place. The position you wer egiven requires patience and a top club hiring someone new to scene inevitably lead to this. Thank you much love. :heart:


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Feb 27, 2011
He's still a legend, but this was definitely the wrong career move for him, starting at Juve and learn how to be a coach was simply too much, too soon. Maybe he'll develop later into a great coach.

At least I'm glad he leaves with his head up, 2 trophies for a rookie coach isn't bad.


Jul 27, 2015
Thank you for everything Andrea, we know you did your absolute best here and even with all the disappointments considered i will still always appreciate him for at least managing see off the season on a positive by winning the Coppa and grabbing a much needed Top 4 spot, frankly however just that obivously not encouraging or nearly sufficient enough for a club like Juventus, afterall shoes were just too big to fill without any experience and the main ones to blame for the way things turned out this season are those that chose to gamble on him in the first place without taking everything into account.

Luckily though things are now beginning to take a turn towards normality and this official news regarding his sacking was another big step into the right direction.


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Sep 16, 2020
Grazie mister
2 thropies aren't bad for starter. At least he didn't get choked in a final match.
i hope someday if he became a rising star and a potentially great coach and in the same time juve need a coach, he won't hold a grudge againts us
still a long way ahead to learn


Jul 27, 2015
Can’t genuinly hate this guy, did all he could and its nice to see him admitting that this whole appointment was probably too much of a risk/gamble in the first place, apparently neither him or the management recognized it to be the case initially which seriously raises some question marks especially regarding our board but then again the ship has already sailed and luckily we look again to be making some smart decision/choices for a change.

Most of luck in future endeavors.


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May 17, 2019
Strange to see all the "you'll come back one day" posts. Pirlo's been such a trainwreck this season, I have serious doubts he'll make it all as a coach, let alone do well enough to get a 2nd shot at Juve. The competition for coaching gigs is cruel, currently he's in the same position as Ferrara and Stramaccioni ~a decade back. Ferrara after Juventus failure got 4 months at Sampdoria and that was it, he was done as a coach in Italian top flight. Stramaccioni got a season in Udinese and that was it for him as well, his career fizzled out in Greece, Czech Rep. and Iran.

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