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Apr 5, 2006
It seems as though Conte is very reluctant to field players who are unwilling or unable to participate in his game plan of harassing for possession for the whole 90 minutes. One of the defining characteristics of our team is that every player is constantly challenging for the ball, with the exception of maybe Pirlo, who is there to pull all the strings once we have it. Even a player like Vucinic, who has somewhat of a reputation for being lazy, is doing his fair share in this respect.

So it only makes sense that a player like Giaccherini gets the nod over Elia, and Del Piero can barely get any playing time. Perhaps it even explains why Vucinic is favoured over Quagliarella. Injury problems aside, maybe Quag just isn't as effective when it comes to doing the dirty work?
You just gave the answers to all the questions that some people have. Its not so much about the quality of the player but whether he is able to perform the duties that his coach asks him to. We all act like we know the team better than our coach who is 24/7 with the players, sees them every day playing, running and what not. Yes, coaches make mistakes sometimes, but you can only say this when the team that they manage plays bad, and is not in a good position. But when you are undefeated in 11 games, had spectacular performances against teams such as :inter: , Milan, Palermo ect, you can pretty much say that the coach is 100% right in all that he is doing...

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Sep 3, 2010
Antonio Conte:"We're coming off the back of two seventh-placed finishes, so it wasn't right to put Juventus among the initial Scudetto favourites"

"My first objective is to get back to being competitive, having credibility in the eyes of the fans and opponents"

"The first objective has been reached, now the second step is to confirm our competitiveness in the long run"

"If we also reach the second objective, we'll think further"

"Thinking about the players on a yellow card for tomorrow doesn't interest me. The game against Cesena is fundamental like the others"

"Winning against Cesena is important for us because it would mean continuity"

"Pirlo is a vitally important man and player, but I've got maximum faith in whoever plays tomorrow"

"Pirlo is a reference point but the team will give 120% to make up for his absence"

"I'm surprised by the ease in which Milan are beating their opponents. They're truly a strong team"

"A manager must know how to manage a group psychologically as well as understanding technique and tactics"

"Against Napoli I preferred to speak to the team during the break instead of changing the side or shape, and I was right"

"It's not true that Napoli were more tired than us. We were both in the same condition"


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Apr 17, 2008
I think the 4-2-4 would suit well against a side like Cesena and would be a good excuse to play Estigarribia. Put him next to Vucinic, Matri and Pepe and we would have no trouble overwhelming Cesena who will sit back. Its a system the team knows how to play well in and we won't be compensating creativity by playing Pazienza but instead playing another attacker.


Jun 7, 2004
We can add a forward and switch to a 4-3-3 for a change...
(Quaq or DP instead of Pirlo)
If we want to keep the 4-4-2 we should opt for a flat one, instead of the 4-1-3-2 variation we have been using.
With Marchisio and Vidal holding the midfield and Krasic return as a winger.

We can afford a Pirlo-less experiment vs a team like Cesena, cant we?

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