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Jan 18, 2009
This is why religion in general is quite dangerous. Faith drugs the mind and disconnects it from all forms of rational thinking.

They are doing this because their great great grand fathers betrayed a guy called El Hussien (the prophet's grand son) and led him to his death.

btw the blood is real.
If a nation with such intellectual abilities & religious views own nuclear weapons... we are all fucked

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Dec 16, 2003
Hussien (the grandson of prophet Mohammed) would have commit a suicide or shot himself had he knew or watched what these people are doing.

Shi'a take this Ashoura day to mourn Hussien who was betrayed and killed but Shi'a as a sect never requires nor it was ever written that followers should ever hold swords and hit themselves on the head till they bleed. Majority of the ones you see in Ashoura are not fully aware of what they're doing and they're bunch of 18's to 25's.

It's not the way to express your grief and pretend that you're suffering for Hussien.

FFS, nowadays when someone's parents or brothers dies, it takes him a year to get over it or maybe a bit more or less. Hussien has died thousands of years ago there's no way any of those immature bunch of kids do feel the pain in this mourning day.

This shouldn't ruin the image of Shi'a though.

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May 28, 2009
The singing and drums really pissed me off in that video, if i lived there i would blast some speed metal out of my window as loud as i could.

If they want to hit themselves in the head with a sword i wonder why you guy wants to stop them? Darwin awards? The genepool needs a bit of chlorine and if people want to do things like walk down train tracks, we shouldnt stop them.


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Nov 24, 2005
Apparently, even children who don't know who's Hussain or Ali are required to bleed for them.

What the fuck is wrong with those morons?


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