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Jul 2, 2005
This morning marked the start of the second academic year at Juventus College, the club’s in-house educational centre which officially opened its classrooms for the first time on Wednesday 12 September 2012.
The college, the first of its kind in Italy, aims to incorporate academy youngsters’ football commitments into a steady and effective academic syllabus.
In Vinovo to greet the club’s fledgling talents was Andrea Agnelli, who took the opportunity to remind them of their obligation to strive for success both in and out of the classroom.
He said: “You have two targets ahead of you: winning at school and winning on the field of play. At Juventus you always need to give your all, regardless of the activity you’re involved in.”
Joining the Juventus president were CEOs Giuseppe Marotta and Aldo Mazzia, along with the club’s academy chief Stefano Braghin.
Set up in collaboration with the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation and with teaching guidance from the Edoardo Agnelli International Institute, the school can count on the addition of a ‘quarta superiore’ grade for 17-year-olds, as well as a new refectory in which pupils can enjoy a variety of freshly prepared dishes.
Further expansion will enable 18-year-olds studying the ‘quinta superiore’ syllabus to receive their education on site from the start of next year, while the construction of new laboratories will enhance the already impressive facilities on offer.


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