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May 5, 2004
Need a poll on who's gonna win
I suggest a ticket that can be bought using forum points. this tickect consist 8 leagues (members only can bought the tickets)
> 2 European Continental Games
* UCL winner prediction​
* UEFA Europa League winner prediction​
> 6 top Europe Domestic League prediction
* EPL​
* Serie A​
* La Liga​
* Ligue 1​
* Bundesliga​
* Eredivisie / Portuguese Primera Liga​
People can gather points from :
* Activities in the forum (getting like by others > gift points to who they like, posting, etc) but this is low and needed much activity to get the points​
* Buying points straight to support Juventuz (lets say 1000 points = 1 USD)​
Then if every tickets is worth 200 points to buy then 1 ticket is essentially worth 0.2 USD
So let' say if there is 10.000 tickest from all of Tuzzers member (1 member can buy more than 1 ticket for different predictions)
Then the pool is 10.000*0.2 = 2000 USD . Let's say Juventuz take 20% as the organizer then the total pool is 1600 USD

This prize will send to member using Paypal at the end of season (lets say 30 June 2022)
The winner will be count based on their total points for every prediction right in the tickets, so 1 tickets has 8 points for every prediction right
Let's say there is 3 tickets that got every predictions right. Then the pool price will be fairly divided to this 3 tickets (1600 USD /3 = 533.33 USD per tickets)

And made this yearly events with more leagues addes every years so the probability of same total points will be lower
Like added the Scots, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, etc leagues

What Juventuz getting ? More members, comeback visitors, more traffic, more interactive activities
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