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Sep 23, 2003
He’s coming back to this stadium next season.

PSG were awful after they conceded. They simply stopped playing.

And something was terribly wrong with Mbappe. It wouldn’t surprise me if we learn some Ronaldo WC-1998-level hotel puking stuff wrong with dat boy later on.

The contents of Neymar’s tears are 100% Jesus.
Lacryma Christi

Fair to say as of now, Bayern is the 2nd greatest club ever.
Meh. They lost almost as many as us. With much better squads.


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Feb 17, 2016

Just to answer you from the previous CL thread, it's always good with compliments indeed, :dusan:I didn't say Bayern was the greatest was just asking curiously why @Bianconero81 was thinking so and tried to give my own reasons why he might have said so:numnum:

I know I'm jerking it off right now, just happy for the triumph. It might take some time before we win it again so just enjoying it as much as possible.
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