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May 6, 2012
He wasnt atheist, he was an anti-theist! (if not misotheist)
There is a difference and this is a politically move/choice, with US at its epicenter, for the obvious reasons.
He chose to be a vessel of this propaganda that expands and abuses public opinion, exactly like the churches did.
He, also took advantage of the "cool factor" it adds, to a liberated from spiritual constraints mind.
Following the trends and being the pawn of influent men, never made anyone a hero...

History will forget him by tomorrow and his stance leaves no place for solace to his beloved ones, in a such a soul-less world, he was livin...
From dust to dust, his circle has ended, his own free will, made a choice to reject God, completely, hopefully for him, he wont be regretting now...
i wonder though, what was the last thing he was thinking of.
How do you manage to make the most retarded comment on every topic?!

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Guys, you should read this. Tbh I knew little of this, I know Hitchens largely for his atheism stuff.

His last essay for Slate:
Greenwald is a disgusting piece of shit.


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Oct 17, 2005
Ex christian atheist here... I've deconverted in the last 5 years or so both because of personal experiences and the increase of my own scientific and historical knowledge thanks to the internet...

Unless further asked, firstly I'd like to give note that I live outside the western and judeo-christian sphere society despite being raised as a christian, point being that I experienced broader exposure on religions and religious pluralism than people like hitchens and most western atheists experience...

Now, well... What can I say? The fact that like here I see several threads get locked just because they discussed matters involves certain religions just say the reality of it all...

We can turn Thor into a brute superhero character aimed at young generations and nobody bats an eye... But millions of people would behave in such a barbaric way at the moment certain religions get touched even with the slightest touch.

Religion is an expired food that people keep consuming, mostly just because they've been conditioned to since at young age.

My wife who's still a christian once asked me (I was still a christian too at that time) : how's the fate of all those people who are outside of our religion? The religion obviously has self proclaimed the answer to the question since long ago.

But that's not what's really going on with such a question, isn't it? The actual meaning behind the question is that if you're a decent human being with empathy, you should feel deep down that it's wrong to be condemned simply because you don't believe in the "right" religion... Also because you can realize how complex real life actually is, and that nobody ever chose to be born in their own circumstances.

Like eastern Asians ie Chinese, japanese etc would be doomed by the abrahamic deities simply because they were born as eastern Asians? Really? Because no matter what mental gymnastics you want to do, you can't evade the fact that abrahamic religions don't have a big presence there.,.

I know that certain abrahamic religion doctrine flat out doesn't care much about such a thing, but so then it would mean that billions upon billions of people would've suffered in this life only to suffer again for eternity? Again any human beings with any semblance of empathy must loathe such concept.

But alas, most religious people couldn't even grasp at such simple logic based on reality because they've been blinded all their life.

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