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Jun 25, 2003
Surprised to see a lawyer say this.

I'd think whether other women come forward or not with a similar story to Mayorga's will be the biggest deal in this case.

Everything else is wishy-washy up till now (for the purposes of burden of proof, whether Ronaldo did it or not).

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Yeah, lol at the badum tish reaction. Normal, ground un-shattering response.

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Did you see other signatures of his where he spells out Cristiano Ronaldo?
Read my post again, you misunderstood the first time :)

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May 28, 2018
Looking at the deep-male, sweaty-palmed CR7-supremacist talk swirling about it isn’t hard to see why; and to wonder too about the effects of all this veneration, the muscle worship, the hair-gelled idolatry, on the world’s stocks of impressionable basement-dwelling men.
lmao at this dude
the anglosphere needs to nuke itself out of existence and rebuild at this point


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Nov 7, 2005
"I meant to kick your phone!" :lol:

Man, that's pretty much the worst thing he could've said to me after the sissykick. I mean, striking me is one thing, I'll live, but trying to kick my fucking phone!!? You know how much phones cost these days? I would have lost my shit


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Jul 5, 2014
Imo they had consensual sex.
At some point Ronaldo wanted her ass.
She wasn't ok with it. He still did it.
He asked for her forgiveness.
She then went and asked money to shut up and signed the contract.
Hackers found those documents somewhere and somehow.
Der Spiegel made the contract public tried to phone her ,denied, tried to talk to her in person , again denied.
Once the whole story was out without her breaching the contract she aired some big shot lawyers to get what she wanted.
Money? Justice ? up to you

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