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Dec 22, 2018
Not sure that I agree with old saying: every dog has its day.
Sure, Berna "shone" during the Euro's.
However, I just can't imagine Rugani shining anywhere. Perhaps he is saving his brilliance for the 2022 WC.


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Mar 13, 2011
I missed your humour.
Shit man I feel like an old man on the Tuz these days. Took me far too long to figure out how to do a react on anybody's post lol

Anyway as I meant to imply- he's not my choice of CB but since he's here he might as well surprise us all and suddenly become great. I still hate Bonehead after everything that happened in 2017, and it would be really convenient for me if Rugani suddenly exploded and benched Bonucci.

But it's not gonna happen, I know that :D

Edit: Damn, new emojis and everything? Where's my lil green toothy smiley guy? Is the :howler: guy still the same??

Edit2: Yes he is. How's my guy :fap: doing?

Edit3: Oh damn I meant the one which was red. :tuttosport: that's him. Tuttosport lolol. Oh and I found my green friend :grin:


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Aug 13, 2013
Gazzetta - Rugani is Sarri's first name for the defense of Lazio
Maurizio Sarri, Lazio coach, is still waiting for a reinforcement in defense: according to what reported by "La Gazzetta dello Sport", the most popular name for the Tuscan coach would be Daniele Rugani, Juventus central defender born in 1994, coached by Sarri precisely at Turin, as well as Empoli. Lazio, however, has not yet contacted the bianconeri to negotiate the purchase of the player, among the transferable ones at Juventus.

Lazio, Sarri expects three hits in Germany. Brekalo and Basic close, Rugani for defense

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