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Aug 13, 2013
Danilo Luiz to 'La Repubblica':

➡️ More time is needed
"The game against Chelsea? It helped to know where we could get. We beat the current champions of Europe, no? Do we have a self-esteem issue? I don't think so no. When there are changes, things don't always go as you'd like. In my first year with City, Guardiola was trailing 20 pts behind the Chelsea of Conte. Patience is needed with changes, we need to wait until the plays and the ideas mature. It takes time until the players understand them."

➡️ Study Italian
"Learn Italian? Honestly, I thought it would have been easier to learn. At the beginning, I was struggling to understand Sarri so I hired a teacher. But then the pandemic started and we had to stop the lessons. However, during the lockdown I started reading books and newspapers in Italian, to watch your TV programs and that's how I learned. And if sometimes I have some doubts or I don't know a word I ask my son Miguel."

➡️ The Bayern offer
"The Bayern interest in the summer? Yes, but I wasnt interested. And luckily, neither was Juve."


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May 6, 2012
Tite confirmed this lineup for tomorrow’s game against Uruguay:

Ederson; Emerson Royal, Lucas Veríssimo, Thiago Silva, Alex Sandro; Fabinho, Fred, Lucas Paquetá; Raphinha, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar.

Good thing he’s rested maybe he can start against Roma.

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