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Mar 23, 2015
holy shit i'm going to enjoy the meltdown here when mckennie causes this deal to collapse. i hope b81 has his doctor on speed dial.
i'll sit back and watch how muricans will spin it to make mcpotter look like a hero

if it was rabiot or locatelli they'd already lost their shit lol


Jul 27, 2015
Problem is with us for extra compensation or with Villa for assurance in playing minutes ?
Just by looking at the last few tweets above we can tell there are mixed rumors on this, DiMarzio for example is stating that McKennie has not yet found an agreement with Aston Villa, while on the other side Fabrizio Romano is stating that McKennie is just working on the final details of his exit with Juve.

Truth is probably somewhere in the middle, either way i think we’ll likely get this deal done soon.

The Quazis

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Dec 21, 2012
Some guy on VS explained that international transfers are extremely complicated due to differences in fiscal law and just take time. He claims to be an ex football agent who worked with the transfer of Luiz Adriano from Szachtar Donietsk to AC Milan.

Weston McK is the beneficiary of decreto crescita so maybe that's what holds up the things from moving.
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