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Jun 16, 2020
A lot of people expect MDL sale to finance this but IMO Vlahovic in Morata out immedialtely. He weighs 20m in the books now, so if we release him now and Barfa pays us 5m for half of the loan we save up ~10m. If you don't buy him out in the Summer it's another 35m saved.
Then, I can totally see Dybala on the chopping block tbh. No renewal at ~10m net is almost 20m gross. Is it a coincidence his renewal was stopped around the same time we got first reports regarding Vlahovic?

I'm not saying we will keep MDL, it seems impossible with the fat fuck that Raiola is. However, Vlahovic in surely means changes in attack, big changes.
Morata definitely out and maybe Bentancur

Slowly we should be reaching the financial levels as before I mean Ronaldo etc are all out, having Dybala, De Ligt, Vlahovic as expensive players is something we should be able to pay

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Mar 12, 2004
So we're paying 64 millions upfront for someone that could be gotten on a free transfer
Free in a year and a half from now when we need a Striker immediately.

Means we'd need a stop gap option this month then another in the summer just to get him for free in 18 months while hoping no other big team comes in for him.

Not worth the risk.
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