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Apr 15, 2005
He actually had moments of good play here and there under Pirlo too ( along with limitless screw ups ).

The reason he has been played out of position is simply because he has been awful in his natural position for ages. It was almost like Pirlo was giving him minutes out of pity, so he could get a semblance of form back that fits half decent professional player.

He plays regularly for the NT and does surprisingly well compared to his club form. It’s just an issue of confidence i think. He might actually do better at some other team.

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Apr 16, 2017
he pretty much beat San Marino alone. We had Platini, Baggio, Del Piero as number 10. Berna is better than them. He deserves number 10 and should be Juve's captain and build the team around him, if we ever want to win CHL. He is like Michael Jordan, you need someone to win you the game, you pass the ball to him. We've been trying to find this player with Ronaldo, but we had him here for quite some time now. What a wasted opportunity.


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Mar 3, 2017
Said he is played out of position at Juve, after the game.

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This is a horrible translation. He mostly says what most people in Tuz say, its a mental issue, and having fun, having trust, and feeling free.

"Mancini? Lo ringrazio perché mi ha dato fiducia e mi ha fatto giocare dove mi trovo bene. Qui si gioca in liberta e ci si diverte. E quando mi diverto vengono fuori le mie qualità. La differenza con la Juventus? Qui posso rischiare la giocata, è molto semplice. La qualità di questa nazionale è altissima e devo dire che quando hai tanti ragazzi di un certo livello non sia facile. Siamo stati tutti bravissimi a metterlo in difficoltà. Da due anni la nazionale è un grandissimo gruppo, quando siamo qui ci sentiamo a casa a prescindere dalle scelte. Questo è un gruppo, vivo, sano e il merito è del mister e del suo staff"

They asked him about Mancini:
"I thank him for giving me confidence and has made me play where I find myself well. Here we play with freedom and fun. And when I have fun my qualities come forward."
The difference with Juve?
"Here I can take risks, it's very simple."

Then more about the national team.

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