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Jul 23, 2008
He was actually decent in the first half... unfortunately he usually had McKennie in front of him when he had the ball. The problem starts when Pellegrini got injured, De Sciglio who was usually covering for him had to be put as left back and now he has to act like a wingback instead of just a winger in defensive phases. And not only it made us more vulnerable, it quickly depleted his stamina and he started making lots of mistakes.
He is terrible in 2nd half. No threat in attack. After Ounas came in, Spaletti overload Politano and Ounas in Pellegrini area.
But then he made that stupid dribble in the opposite side which he lost the ball then it create Insigne shooting opportunity. We need to fix this kind of stupid mistake which happened a lot lately


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Mar 16, 2004
Not to defend him but Turdardeschi is not a WB so it’s no surprise he was a liability there, he’s a liability in the opposition half so that’s far more dangerous when he’s deployed in our own half.

He’s actually not even a footballer. If I had 3 bullets in a gun and the whole team lined up at the moment he would be assassinated straight after Woj. The third one would be used as a Russian roulette against all of our central midfielders
Didnt Pirlo say he has all of the attributes to be a wingback? Must be true…


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Apr 25, 2013
Why he plays good national team. Jesus christ what a shit player.

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Does he really play well for Italy? Because I didn't see it at Euro besides being dead ball specialist.

Made a couple of good dribbles yesterday. Hadn't seen that in a long time, like years.


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Jan 24, 2007
He can actually do the some things well in national team like pass and cross to teammates.

But for some reason he forgets how when he is here. Its infuriating. If u gonna be shit, be shit everywhere not just at juve. Cant wait till he is gone.

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