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Full backs for next season?

  • Birindelli Y

  • Birindelli N

  • Zebina Y

  • Zebina N

  • Chiellini Y

  • Chiellini N

  • Balzaretti Y

  • Balzaretti N

  • De Ceglie Y

  • De Ceglie N

  • Grygera Y

  • Grygera N

  • Mesto Y

  • Mesto N

  • Molinaro Y

  • Molinaro N

  • Pasqual Y

  • Pasqual N

  • Zaccardo Y

  • Zaccardo N

  • Zambrotta Y

  • Zambrotta N

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Jan 30, 2004
We are swamped with fullbacks at the moment and linked with even more of them.

List of our fullbacks and potentially our fullbacks:

Current fullbacks

De Ceglie

Likely arrivees

Possible acquisitions

Who would you prefer to have in the team and who do you expect to see in the team next season?

(possibly a poll?)

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The Informer
Dec 19, 2003
will move this in the players section and start a poll just for you Dominic. We've had a lot of those lately.
Jan 7, 2004
hopefully it will be gygera - chiellini with balazareti as a back up and sell everyone else

pasqual and zaccardo would be sweet, but not the biggest priority

zambrotta is the greatest full back in the world (or at least he was at one point)
Mar 30, 2006
I think Chiellini, Balza is good for the left

and Grygera and Molinero and maby Zebina for the right.

Birindelli should be sold, Zambrotta is not returning, Mesto i have no idea, and Zebina too should be sold maby but it would not be bad if he stayed.

You also forgot that Salihamidzic also can play as a fullback.


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May 4, 2007
It really looks like the name of the game here is versatility.

Grygera, Chiellini, Mesto, Brazzo and Zambrotta can all definitely play other positions and do so well.

Just because someone plays fullback doesn't mean their role will be as fullback.

Example, if Mesto comes, I see him and Salihamidzic playing as subs in any defensive role needed.


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Apr 2, 2007
Yes : Zebina, Chiellini, Balzaretti, Grygera, Pasqual, Zambrotta

No : Birindelli, De Ceglie, Mesto, Molinaro, Zaccardo

Birindelli offers nothing, De Ceglie is not needed , Mesto and Molinaro won't improve our squad at all and Zaccardo, although a good player, won't offer much more than the ones we already have- Zebina and Grygera

Zebina has experience and is our best right back. Chiellini and Balzaretti have proven themselves already and they are our future. Grygera is ok while Pasqual and Zambrotta are class.
I am sure we wont be gettin Zambrotta but if he wants to come back i would accept him because he's still the best full back in the world.

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