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Full backs for next season?

  • Birindelli Y

  • Birindelli N

  • Zebina Y

  • Zebina N

  • Chiellini Y

  • Chiellini N

  • Balzaretti Y

  • Balzaretti N

  • De Ceglie Y

  • De Ceglie N

  • Grygera Y

  • Grygera N

  • Mesto Y

  • Mesto N

  • Molinaro Y

  • Molinaro N

  • Pasqual Y

  • Pasqual N

  • Zaccardo Y

  • Zaccardo N

  • Zambrotta Y

  • Zambrotta N

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Juve Star
Dec 30, 2004
i dont want zambo back at juve...and i want to keep
de ceglie
and of course rafinha.....if it is possible...


Jun 7, 2004
Chillini+Balza for the Left Grygera+Zebina for the right,
we dont need any more full backs, we have other priorities,
we need good CBs...


The Maestro
Aug 20, 2005
Pasqual - Chiellini - Barzagli - Zaccardo

chiellini can addapt to a central defender and i think he would be great..
if we get barzagli, surely theres no other italian centreback option, dont trust dainelli or gamberini


Senior Member
Mar 10, 2006
With Chiellini, Balza, Zebina and Grygera we are covered. I don't see us sign a huge improvement to those that are already here. So why make changes?


The Informer
Dec 19, 2003
Juve shouldn't even be thinking about full backs right now. Grygera, Zebina and Chiellini, Balzaretti are just fine with me.

Molinaro could be used as bait to teams that really need a LB. Secco could turn this to our advantage but it's Secco I'm talking about. :cry:

Roma are desperate for one. Even Lazio if they lose Zauri for free. "I'll give you Molinaro for $$$ or a player we need."

Pasqual as the quality we need from our full backs, crossing.

Mr. Gol

Senior Member
Sep 15, 2004
Who the hell is voting in favor of Zebina.
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