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Sep 16, 2020
Why no one rate Conceicao?
- Proven Champion with limited resource. Almost every year he lost his key player
- Motivational coach. Before he came Porto barely get any major trophy for 4 years. Some journos confirm his man management is great.
- Know Serie A
- Adaptif football. By watching Porto in UCL maybe you all think that Porto is pragmatic team. But he only do that againts bigger team. With this approach he can managed his team to go further in the tournament every season. Againts on par or smaller team, Porto play more attacking football. Last match away to Antwerp his team win 4-0. In Portugal league, almost every season Porto has been the most productive team.
- If you think that he is Merda legend, it is not really the case. He only played 2 years there and he played longer times in Lazio (2,5 years) and most of his career in Porto.
- Agresti mention his name in last summer.

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