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Feb 9, 2013
One of the people that got us back to the top together with AA and Conte. Speaking of fickle memories...
Also, who knows what he was planning for summer 2018 to rejuvenate squad if Paratici doesn’t blow our entire transfer and wage budget on Ronaldo. I love that Ronaldo played here, but I don’t love that we couldn’t surround him with a balanced and competitive squad because Tootsie’s incompetence. Marotta might very well have been planning to lay the foundations for Juve CL 3.0. He literally left over disagreements with the direction the club was taking. And that’s basically what forced Allegri out a year later too.

Marotta had his flaws, but he was twice the Sporting director Tootsie ever was. As quite clearly the results on the pitch during their respective reigns show

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May 22, 2009
None of that cancels the fact he left a hot steaming pile of nuclear waste when he called it quits.
Our squad was a lot better then, than it is right now. And less expensive even. You would think that if his successor started with a steaming pile of nuclear waste, it would be pretty much impossible to weaken the squad even further. An improvement, however small, would be a given. Sadly, reality was/is different.
He didn't call it quits himself, he was let go.

And if that isn't enough: He made Inter a competitive team. Inter, ffs. Those perennial losers actually won the league.

Not to mention all of the useless Italian players he bought just cuz Italy
Meh. All those useless Italian players won us titles & got us into CL finals.

Unlike our current useless international players.
Jun 16, 2020
He’s going to sign Calhanoglu. They probably need a cheap alternative for Eriksen but I just can’t see how this guys is worth 4m per season and somehow gets the attention of Inter and Juve. Turkish Bernardeschi.

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