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Sep 4, 2006
I don't understand the connection because i haven't seen a side by side comparison of Nicolussi and De Bruyne's attacking stats


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Aug 13, 2013
i don't say. whenever I scroll out in YouTube I see something related with juve. I just saw this video on youtube with the title "
Hans Nicolussi Caviglia - The New De Bruyne"
Apr 17, 2013
Hans Nicolussi Caviglia, who is currently on loan in Perugia, has excellent continuity of performance. Juventus has big projects for him. @JuveJay did you see him play?

We all know what big project means to Juve



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Apr 14, 2013
He doesent really play as much as wed like, 16/27 games (12 starts). And Perugia is not exactly a quality side, they are closer to relegation than to playoff places in Serie B. Dont know if its injuries or something else, but i hope he finishes the season strong so we can start looking for a better team in the summer

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