Happy Diwali!!! & Happy Indian New Year!!! (2 Viewers)

Oct 3, 2004
Happy Diwali. Alot of the ladies at work here wore some nice Sari's. The brotha's too dressed up in their "Salwars" (is that what it's called? like the pyjama, the one that is worn by the royalties)


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Aug 8, 2006
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    Isnt Diwali earlier this year?I didnt know it kept on moving back like the Islamic calender.
    no you drunk bastard

    now shut up and celebrate

    Happy Diwali y'all... Dru, i heard you can't use fire crackers there... so half the fun huh?
    ya, we never get to use firecracker here in the U.S. but its alllllll goooood :money::money::money:

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