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Jul 8, 2008
Hey folks. I want to go see Juve - Inter in March and I'm really confused on how to get tickets. We've already booked our flights so I want to know what's the best way to actually make sure we get to see the match. It would be the first time I see Juve live since I've became a fan around 2003, so it would mean a lot to me. We're 4 so if I go through the site we all need to have B&W membership, which means like 250€ on top of the tickets. Any chances to catch some on the general sale? Do I still need any form of card?


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May 11, 2005
Does anybody have B&W membership?

I'm considering going to the game against Inter. If I buy a membership do I receive my membership number instantly or do I need to wait a few days or for something to be posted?

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