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Inferiority complex
Nov 16, 2003
Some of you old members may have noticed I returned and wondered if this was another fly by night 'Nick style' attack but in fact I wanted to shed some light here...
a few months ago I contacted Marty to purchase the site...I came close to purchasing it a few years ago from Martin but had to back down.

I have recently purchased a variety of sports related community forums and decided to add Juventuz to my 'secondary revenue stream' (more of a part time hobby) ...in the next few days it will be complete with a transition period of about 60 days for Marty to show me basic use and maintenance.
Rest assured the site will not change and I will not interfere in the community or moderation. I WILL NOT be a moderator of any kind. I will also likely not post here.

THe only change you will notice is header and sidebar advertisements from a variety of sponsorship/affiliate programs I work with such as partypoker and pokerstars as well as ashley madison and redtube.

Thank you all for your continued contribution to the site. I look forward to working with you to ensure a strong Juventus community.


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Not open for further replies.

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