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Jul 12, 2002
Two amazing performances in the Euro, absolutly owning the left side!

One of the best players for Italy for sure and if he keeps like these probably in the top 11 of the tournament...

Oh wait... sorry I was talking about Spinazzola... the guy that we trade to get Pellegrini


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Aug 2, 2012
Neither will I. It’s not like we were stacked on the LB position. It’s one of the weakest links we have.

And to add insult to injury Spina is rumored to be wanted by Real Madrid.


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Sep 6, 2014
We will see about that. In worst case scenario Sandro will have to play >60 games next season or we see some 352 experiment with Berna as wingback :p
or Rabiot hahahaha

in all seriousness, Ntenda could be an option next season. He’ll be with the u23s, so right on the doorstep. If he’s any good he’ll probably be included in the squad on occasion.
Jun 16, 2020
De ceglie And molinaro are obviously the role models to our leftback these days
Wtf look what happened with De Ceglie:

Miami Beach

After a year and a half as a free agent, in January 2020, De Ceglie joined newly formed club Miami Beach CF as a player–scout on a three–year contract, becoming the team's first player evere; the role would also see him working with the club's academy, and subsequently take on a position as a director with the team following the end of his contract with the side.[32]


The Grimreaper
Jul 12, 2002
Does he exist?

I dont think he even knows he is playing at Juventus!

This guy has a chance to actually stay in the first team and MDS is gonna take his spot... yeah.. MDS at least tries (he fails but he tries!)

I cant believe we actually payed 22 mill for this non existent player...thanks Raiola!

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