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Finish the season with or without Del Neri?

  • Yes, keep Del Neri till the end of the season and then fire him

  • Fire Del Neri now and replace him with someone else till the end of the season

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May 27, 2007
Del Neri: Juve to decide my future

Gigi Del Neri is no longer 100 per cent sure that he will remain as Juventus boss. “You’ll have to ask the club,” he said after the 2-2 with Chievo.

The tactician stated on Sunday that he would be staying in Turin, but another crazy draw may well have brought his brief Turin stint to an end.

“My future? You’ll have to ask the club,” he admitted. “We’ll start again now from the good things we have shown.

For the third time in recent games, Juventus threw away a two-goal advantage in ties [against Cesena, Catania and Chievo] that eventually ended in a draw.

We don’t have the maturity, the calmness and balance needed to win these types of games,” he commented.

We weren’t focused in the two goals we conceded, then we were penalised by a few situations that could have gone differently.

“The side played well by creating many chances against a Chievo team who were quick on the break. Not counting the two goals they scored, they just created one more chance.

Towards the end of the game it was only obvious that we would give them a few opportunities on the counter as we wanted to score.

“We hit the post twice and were punished with their equaliser after some fine work from Sergio Pellissier.

Juventus remain in seventh, four points behind Lazio and Roma, five behind Udinese who are in the last Champions League spot.

Juve play Parma next before entertaining Napoli.



The Dutch Touch
Aug 17, 2007
Some of the tactical issues are, but there are deeper rooted problems.

There is a malaise at the club that seems to have swallowed much of the club. You only have to look at the deterioration of someone like Aquilani (or how good a mediocre player like Candreva looked when he joined last season).

Even Buffon and Chiellini seem to be falling into the trap.

The only solution, as far as I can see, is to get a coach with a big, dominant personality and a couple of players with a similarly strong mentality.

Juve used to be okay because they had Buffon, Chiellini, Nedved, Camoranesi, Zanetti, Del Piero and Trezeguet, who could all be trusted.

Now there are pansies like Aquilani meandering around the pitch like lost souls.

People will look at technical ability (as they always do), but getting players with the right mentality is more important.

Who, apart from Del Piero and Chiellini, of the current players will try to take control of a game when things aren't going well?

Melo may be an exception, but most of them just disappear.
I do admit to be a bit of a fool for those technical wizards, like you point out, but.. fucking amen to this post Red. Without even reading this one, I made a similar one in the AA thread. We really need to get a top coach more than anything.

Paolo Rossi

World Champion
Jul 8, 2007
We can blame the coach all we want, but the players are just not up to par. With that said, I would fire Del Neri though. I also dont want Lippi back after what he did in South Africa at the World Cup. He ruined that Italy team with call ups like Gattuso and Cannavaro.

Who I want is either Mourinho or Spalletti.


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Aug 18, 2010
It's high time either Marotta or Agnelli told the truth.

At this stage of the season when all our pre-season objectives are long gone and we failed to deliver on any front

it's clear to see for the fans that this so called project along with their chosen coach have both failed.

No point in hiding their true feelings anymore, this Juve is no improvement over the last season's and we still have difficulties in getting a champions league spot.


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Sep 18, 2009
NO kidding:
SKY Reporter: "Gigi, "A big team like Juve cannot give six chances to a small team and have two goals scored."

DN: "Maybe we are not a big team anymore"

What a loser.
Such a statement by Dumb Neri is astronomical and it should alone get him fired. It speaks volumes about his negative loser second class provincial team mentality.

Unfortunately it is those above him that should get the sack as well for putting him there in the first place


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Jan 26, 2009
I highly doubt we will finish 6'th. We need to win both our remaining games, and hope both Roma and Lazio throw away points. We play Parma away and Napoli at home. I seriously don't see us getting more than 4 points, if even that.

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