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Legend or Rookie?

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Mar 13, 2011
Loved him losing his shit at the end and probably threatening that vile piece of shit Glik :heart:
Surely he was speaking English? "...what you just did" "Fuck..." is what I can get from his lips.

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Mario went into first place as my favourite footballer in world football a good wee while ago. Not enough words to express my love, from his goal celebration, giving up the free corner, drawing the line with Glik...looking forward to seeing him in Cardiff.


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Feb 29, 2012
that pussy Glik too scared to make eye contact ::lol3::

I ADORE this guy........:delpiero::delpiero::delpiero:.Fucking turd Glik.Shitting his paints while Mandzo is shouting at him.

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This cant happen or else I'll have to kill someone.
Me too.....

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Mandzo is liiife Mandzo is loove :heart:

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