Would you bring Allegri back to Juve?

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Mar 29, 2006
Facepalm of a post!
Sure he is better than Pirlo and sarri, but he is still an Italian and has also led us to multiple Hollywood style self implosion on European world wide audience stage at most crucial moments!

I’m not talking about being bitched on by Lyon and fizzle out into irrelevance kind of knockout.

But the kind where you play extremely well to reach the final, only for your veterans to turn into Madrid Barca fanboys and suc their dic in front of children watching tv kind of knock out humiliation.
It was Ajax, and not Lyon. Ajax at the time wer'e hands down the best that season and we're extremely unlucky to lose on away goals to spuds. I reckon they could have given pool a proper match in the final.

I get your frustration of having an Italian, but there's no guarantee getting a foreigner will bring us success even if that foreigner Zizou, in fact it might take us the opposite. These last two years if anything should show you one thing, we've been a laughing stock both in Italy and in Europe, the way we we conceded goals under Pirlo were damn righht embarrasing, we need to get a grip of Italy and who better to do that than Allegri and then work at Europe again. My first choice was also Zidane but how can you be this pissed on missing out on him when we get a winner like Allegri back? Maybe Zidane said no? who knows what the story in the background is, he will have his turn someday.

I think we can liken Allegri's return similar to that of Heynckes. His first stint at Bayern was good, his proper second stint (third) was unbelievable. He of course was well travelled and took plenty of 'sabatticals' in between, but Allegri is a unique breed, trust me well respected abroad. I used to get frustrated with his first halfs a lot, and i wish his learned from that, but his key as you know is that he reads the game on the day really well, I really can't think of any managers out there that are better. Come on it's time to be excited?!


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Apr 7, 2018
I just got up, I’m over the moon here! Thanks for making my day off plus son is at daycare, wife is at work, curfew is lifted. Man I haven’t savoured my morning coffee this much in so long. Ben tornato to your family Max, I now trust we’re in good hands and will support you until the end.

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