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Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
i still think that we'll have an other coach before the pre-season starts. it surely won't happen before the current season ends though

I didnt expect it to ever happen during this season after he survived Maccabi haifa, twice losing to Monza etc. It was allways clear he survives til end of it after those epic low blows.

Not even losing 4-1 to Empoli gave me an inch of hope.

But the fact they are so assured to keep him no matter what all season, makes me doubt heavily if he will be fired after it. That's my main dismay and dissapointment, I dont think they firing him after it ends.

I dont get their rational besides financial reasons, and if that's the real reason and not just incompetent decision making, I'm not sure that financial reason will suddenly stop being a hindrance next season.


Jul 15, 2002
Next season will be insane. We will start with a hefty points deduction. We are broke. All our loanees will be back. We have promised to extend some high wage earners that have reached the end of the road. We will have no income from CL. Unless we get another cash injection.
On the other hand Serie A is so shit that if we up our game by 10% we might win it.
Jul 2, 2006
who was a nobody then

but a coach who won a league with milan, was the coach of the year with cagliari, or an europa league winner coach isn't quality (and i'm not a fan of maurice by any means but come on)
allegri was a dog shit then and a dog shit now. conjectural victories, being right place at right time does not make you quality. if anything had to be learned by fans here after these two miserable seasons, this was it.

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