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May 11, 2004
So he's not starting today? I thought you don't sit guys on the bench if you want to sell them for top dollar? If he keeps sitting, he's going to get pissed like Demiral and want to leave.

This time it will definitely be a mistake, unless he becomes the highest paid CB transfer ever. IMO he hasn't been as consistently good as I thought he would be. Is it more on him or coaching? Thought Max would coach him up but can't do that if you don't play him.
Allegri hates him obviously

Buy on


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Nov 24, 2005
MotM for me. Present mentally and physically every single second of the game. Every position or decision he took was calculated.

I just hope he breaks up with Mino Raiola, otherwise he's gone.


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Aug 13, 2013
The latest exams of this morning at the J Medical excluded any muscle lesions, #DeLigt has conducted a personalized training in Continassa. The Dutch is still a doubt for Zenit, due to the fatigue of the left abductor. #Juventus


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